11 – Usefulness

cc Image by Sam Howzitt on Flickr

cc Image by Sam Howzitt on Flickr

Thirty spokes unite
at one hub to make a wheel,
But what is missing makes it useful.

Clay is shaped into a bowl,
But it is the empty space
that makes it useful.

Cut out doors and windows
make a room,
But its empty space makes it useful.

So, what is there is beneficial –
But what is not there makes things useful.

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  1. This is a quote that grabbed me decades ago and one that I often go back to. Thanks so much for bringing back to this.
    Nanette Levin recently posted…Sorting through social mediaMy Profile

  2. You are welcome, Nanette. Glad you are enjoying this. It feels good to share it with people because it is such wonderful stuff.

  3. this is THE statement (aphorism? verse? it doesn’t matter… it is not the real name anyway :P) that got me hooked on Tao… and it’s been almost 5 years trying to not understand the Tao and the Te…

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