14 – Facing the Faceless

cc Image by kl.fitness on Flickr

cc Image by kl.fitness on Flickr

When you look but cannot see,
you call it invisible.

When you listen but cannot hear,
you call it inaudible.

When you touch but cannot feel,
you call it formless.

These things cannot be known
and so are blended into one.

The top is not light,
The bottom is not dark.

Infinitely infinite – it cannot be named.
Returning again to that which has no existance,
A form without form, suddenly indistinct.

Facing it, you will not see its face.
Following it, you will not see its back.

Stay with the Timeless Tao –
In order to master the here and now.

Understanding the Primal Origin –
This is the tradition of Tao.

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