15 – The True Masters

cc Image by Chi King on Flickr

cc Image by Chi King on Flickr

The true masters of ancient times
cultivated the art of the
deep understanding of the subtle essence.

So deep as to be unrecognizable,
we can only describe their demeanor.

as if crossing a frozen stream in winter.

as if faced on all sides by enemies.

as if an honored guest in someone’s home.

as ice when melted.

As solid and simple
as an uncarved block of wood.

like a valley.

like a muddy pool
when you cannot see the bottom.

Who has enough stillness
to let muddy water settle?

Who is able to stay at rest
while generating the movement
of everyday life?

On this path of Tao,
one avoids the fullness of things
in order to be truly empty.

Therefore, one is able
to continually be refreshed.

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  2. Hi Amy! Tao Tuesday comes on a thursday this week because, like Billy Pilgrim, now and again I lose my place in space and time… There’s a lot of mirth in the air this week as you will see. Forgive me,

    Bob http://cascadianwanderer.wordpress.com/tao-te-ching/tao-te-ching-chapter-15/

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