16 – Constancy

cc Image by Ocean Yamaha on Flickr

cc Image by Ocean Yamaha on Flickr

Attain the highest emptiness.

Maintain constant tranquility.

We observe the Ten Thousand Things
pulse in unity
and return to the void.

All things bloom luxuriously
and each returns again
to its source.

Returning to source
is the supreme stillness.

This is known as the return to destiny,
the natural pattern of things.

Returning to destiny
means to be constant.

Understanding constancy
is known as realization.

Not understanding this constancy
leads to disaster.

To be all-encompassing
means being impartial.

Being impartial is your highest nobility,
The true nobility of Heaven.

Natural divinity is Tao.
Tao is everlasting.

When you lose your sense of self,
you are as immortal as the Tao.

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