20 – The Lazy Sage

cc image by wit on Flickr

cc image by wit on Flickr

A life without cultivation
has no center.

All the people
are happily busying themselves
with celebration and feasting on life,
taking in the sights like its springtime.

I, alone, stay calm and centered
with no desires like a newborn
who has not yet learned to smile.
Lazy, as if I have nowhere to go.

All the people
possess more than enough,
while I appear
to be left behind.

My mind remains foolish,
indeed very blank.

Most people shine bright.
I, alone, am dark and dim.

People of the world
are sharp and alert.
I, alone,
am withdrawn and quiet,
drifting like the ocean –
blowing free
like a breeze with no place to go.

Most people have purpose,
While I, alone,
seem playful and unrefined.

I am different from most people
in that I draw my sustenance
from the Great Mother.

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