21 – The Virtuous Master

cc image by Raffee on Flickr

cc image by Raffee on Flickr

The virtuous Master lives according to Tao.

Tao is entirely elusive, very indistinct.
Vague, though its center contains form.
Vague and elusive, though its center has substance.

Deeply hidden in its center is a life force.
Its essence is very real and contains within it the heart of faith.

From ancient times until today, Tao’s name has not been forgotten –
Thereby bringing forth all things.

I can realize the origin of all things through this.

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    • Looks like you’ve been catching up! I will keep the Tao Tuesdays going throughout December. Thanks for being part of it!

    • I meant that I will keep them going throughout December even though I am not blogging in December. I will continue them after December as well.

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