25 – The Beginning

cc image by Chi King on Flickr

cc image by Chi King on Flickr

There is a primaeval force
that existed before Heaven,
Before Earth was born.

Tranquil.  Formless.

Standing alone yet never changing –
It permeates everything
and never nears its end.
It could thereby be considered
the Mother of the world.

I do not know its name –
I call it Tao.

For lack of a better word,
I would call it Great.

Being great, it is far-reaching.
Being far-reaching, it goes very far.
Going far, it must return.

Thus, Tao is great.
Heaven is great.
Earth is great.
Womankind is also great.

In the Universe, there are four great ones
And Womankind is one of them.

Woman follows Earth.
Earth follows Heaven.
Heaven follow Tao.

And Tao follows itself, back to its beginning.

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