A Nod to Deng Ming-Dao


Today is Day 2 of our Inspired Blogging Challenge in May. Each day, we are challenging each other to tackle a task that will help our blog to grow and today’s challenge is to highlight someone who is a leader in your niche topic. My niche topic is pretty much anything Taoist Philosophy and who better to highlight for that than Deng Ming-Dao?

Deng Ming-Dao is a current Taoist author, living in the United States. He has created some of the most beautifully written material on Taoism that I’ve read to date. His Living I Ching book is one of my well-worn favorites. One of my favorite bits in that book is the part where he discusses the 8 trigrams: Heaven, Earth, Water, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Mountain, Lake.

Here is a quote from the section on the trigram Wind:

The trigram wind also stands for wood. That may be a curious association, a forcing of two metaphors together. We may even balk at having to hold both images at once. Nevertheless, the association makes sense if we look more deeply.

The roots of wood weave into the earth. The growing tree does not burst into existence but grows gradually – as anyone who has planted trees or counted the tight growth rings of a stump knows. Branches interweave with one another, and spread in the sky, ‘rooting’ themselves in the light, air, rain – and wind – of heaven as much as the tree spreads through the earth below.

Deng Ming-Dao has taught me so many beautiful things: his sweet little book, 365 Tao has taught me that I can find Tao is everyday objects; his story in Chronicles of Tao make me remember how much I’ve loved my teachers who taught me to see the world differently too; his Living I Ching book has taught me how to see the trigrams in a fresh new way.

So today, I dedicate this post to Deng Ming-Dao in honor of today’s challenge to highlight a mentor in your field. If you haven’t read any of his books yet and are interested in learning more about the practice of Taoism, I would highly recommend any one of them. Click here to find a favorite!


  1. Great reminder for me to pull these books off my shelves. I think I have a couple of the ones you mentioned. I appreciate the photo you have posted in honor of him.
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  2. Thank you for this reminder. Deng Ming-Dao is a writer that is worth repeated reading. In accord with your recent series on Nature, I am reminded of this quote (quoting Deng Ming-Dao) from Wayne Dyer:

    “Learn about the Tao by being in perfect harmony with the environment. Think of trees, which endure rain, snow, cold and wind – and when the harsh times arrive, they wait with the forbearance of being true to their inner selves. As Deng Ming-Dao writes in 365 Tao: Daily Meditations: ‘They stand, and they wait, the power of their growth apparently dormant. But inside, a burgeoning is building imperceptibly . . . neither bad fortune nor good fortune will alter what they are. We should be the same way.’ In order to do so, we must accept ourselves as being a part of the 10,000 things.”
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