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Deborah Weber invited us to participate in an A to Z Blogging Challenge, in preparation for our Inspired Blogging Challenge in May. I decided to play along, but I may not do it all in one month. For our first post, it is suggested that we give a hint. Here’s my hint, although it may not be exactly what you think…


Can you guess what my topic is in the comments?




EDIT: OK, later… after reading a bunch of reveal posts, I determined that I am supposed to actually say what my topic is! I am going to write about nature. In this blog, I write a lot about the patterns of nature and what they reveal to us in life. My A – Z this year (my first time) is about all the different ways that nature teaches us about life. I hope that you will bookmark me and come back! There are over 1200 blogs participating in this challenge so it is going to be a crazy ride. You can find the original challenge here.


  1. Hint: It is NOT flowers, but a wider topic!

  2. Nature affects us in more ways than we can count. I love reading about others’ perspective of nature. I would definitely follow your posts throughout the challenge. Good Luck!

  3. Yay Amy – I’m so glad you’ll be playing. And what a great topic! I look forward to reading your posts. Here’s to a fabulous, albeit crazy April.

  4. This sounds really interesting. Looking forward to following along! Good luck with the challenge!

  5. Sounds like an awesome theme – I am looking forward to reading your posts throughout April – blessings!

  6. Welcome to the A-Z! 🙂
    Sharon Himsl recently posted…A-Z Theme Reveal: Pioneer Women in AviationMy Profile

  7. Nature?! I love nature and so does my daughter! We will be visiting your blogs all through April!

  8. Your theme sounds very original and true to your blog! Welcome to the challenge! Tip: Don’t forget to add the AtoZ Badge to your sidebar before we kick off. (I was a minion last year, can’t you tell?)

  9. Looking forward to your posts and beautiful photos.

  10. Nature sounds like a wonderful theme.
    Love that gorgeous picture 🙂
    Good Luck for the A to Z challenge 2016
    My Era recently posted…Awkwardness -6My Profile

  11. Welcome to the challenge! I look forward to reading your blog and best of luck to you.
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Chica In Cuenca

  12. Amazing theme! Welcome and good luck. Nature lover here so I’ll be with you throughout April!

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