Being Natural

This is me, being my natural goofy self!

This is me, being my natural goofy self!

One of our challenges for the Inspired Blogging Challenge this month is to find forums in your niche and write a blog post about one of the topics.

I found this post on being natural and I thought that I would add my two cents. Seems like a good topic!

Being natural is about allowing all parts of yourself to be OK. When you accept all parts of yourself, you can relax because there is nothing to prove. If you are meditating, as they suggested in the forum post, then you are practicing being OK with whatever is in this moment.

I’ve had some bad days. I’ve even yelled at my kid at times. It is much more rare these days, but it has happened. I wouldn’t say that I am a naturally angry person, but I would say that it is natural to become angry at times. Always being happy would be unnatural. Although I’ve improved over the years and rarely yell anymore, that was a natural part of my learning process as a parent.

You could argue that being sick is unnatural. Part of being human is learning how to take care of yourself. It is natural to make mistakes sometimes in learning and so being sick is part of that natural progression. So is learning how to take better care of yourself.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, but the truth is that you are always perfect. These little failings are a natural part of growth. It is easy to see this with our children, but not so much with ourselves.

Being natural is also about not letting the judgements of others cloud your natural tendencies. If you live naturally, you don’t let these judgements make you feel bad for how you are choosing to live your life. Often times, these judgements come from other people being uncomfortable within their own skin. If you are comfortable and confident within yourself, you find no reason to judge others.

What about you? What do you think it means to “be natural”? Tell us about it in the comments!



  1. Oh, that’s so great. It’s a good point to make. I strive so much to try to be the best today knowing I’m not quite. I just have to remember that I’m good enough for today.

  2. Great topic Amy! Accepting myself for who I am and where I am is something I continually work on. For me being natural is being comfortable in my own skin. It also involves showing up in the world as my genuine, authentic self.
    Nancy Jambor recently posted…Immerse Yourself in NatureMy Profile

  3. Yes. Process Oriented Psychology say’s “Don’t be against any part of yourself!” Sometimes it takes a while to love ourselves anyway, especially if we have an inner critic! Thanks Amy

  4. Fun post (and picture), Amy. Natural for me depends on the day – and the circumstances. I’ve always straddled (at least) two worlds and what works in one isn’t a smart approach in another. I don’t think that translates to inauthentic, but many would. My me has many facets – sometimes dependent on who I’m with. I suspect that’s natural for most who are willing to really contemplate, but all I really know is what pertains to me.
    Nanette Levin recently posted…Clever insults are more effective than profanityMy Profile

  5. Since I’ve gotten past menopause and into my 50’s, I’m more at home in my own skin than I have ever been! To me, that is what being natural means. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Accepting them or choosing to try to change them only on your own decision or spiritual revelation. Also, it’s learning that some will accept you as you are and others won’t, but being okay with that.
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead
    Barbara In Caneyhead recently posted…A to Z Champions!!My Profile

  6. Grinned over your comment that you sometimes yell at your kid. Yup. I look at the whole role of parenting as being the best way for us to be natural. Our kids are the people we feel most natural with and vice versa. Does that make sense? I guess I see being natural as being authentic.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…What Mothers Really Want For Mother’s DayMy Profile

  7. What an interesting ponderable question Amy. And I think your answer expresses how deeply you truly practice taoism. I think perhaps for me, natural is simply trying to live unwaveringly tapped into one’s heart center. That looks different every day and in every situation, and it seems so much more like a process than a destination. But if I were forced to come to a definitive definition, I think I would choose these beautiful words from Mary Oliver: “Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” That for me would be living my most natural.
    Deborah Weber recently posted…#WeekendCoffeeShare: 5/6/16My Profile

  8. Naturally, I love the topic of being natural. It does change from person to person, I think. For my husband, physical activity is natural…for me, exercising is WORK. I am all for authenticity and honoring your individual spirit. If someone appears perfect all the time, I distrust that. Naturally, I think our little flaws make us interesting. Thanks for the food for thought.
    Michelle recently posted…Pack Rattin’My Profile

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