Celebrating Womanhood

Celebrating Womanhood

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I’ve never really liked the word feminism that much.

It is funny because I am translating the Tao Te Ching in the feminine voice and I have had to really look at this angst I have around that word. I really am a feminist, but how do I define this word? How do I form a fresh perception around it that does not bring up a photo of a 1940’s housewife with a handkerchief on her head and her fist in the air who has just signed up to make bombs down at the plant? Or an angry woman from the late 60’s burning her bra in the street? Or any woman hating on men.

Can’t we move past that?

I sure hope so. I found a site called Living, Learning and Loving Life and they were doing a blog hop event called Celebrating Womanhood. So, of course, I had to be a part of it. I would love an opportunity to explain how womanhood can be powerful without being so YANG. I wanted an opportunity to explain how we can be sweet and nurturing and still be incredibly powerful.

I have studied martial arts for years. Tai Chi, specifically. Tai Chi is not just exercise, nor is it combat moves. It is a very powerful, very yin form of martial arts. It is powerful in its subtlety, just like women.  A Tai Chi martial artist is not looking for a fight. Rather, she is only defending if necessary. If it comes to battle, she will win because she is aware of herself and how she is using her energy. She understands that throwing herself out there in a fight is not wise because it puts her off her center.

Over the last few decades, women have been fighting for equality.

But perhaps it is precisely this fight that has been keeping us down. We do not need to battle when we are already powerful. Does a powerful leader battle to maintain her status of a powerful leader? Of course not. The mere entry into such a battle indicates that you are NOT the leader, or at least do not perceive yourself to be. A truly powerful leader recognizes that it is not about the title. Others can be powerful too and then you can work together and do even more great things. Rather than battling with a man for the title of who is more powerful, what if you recognized each other’s power instead and encouraged it?

When you meet a powerful woman, you know it. She is not acting like a man. She is strong, yet soft. She loves her feminine ways and does not hold anything back to show it. She is generous because she fully understands the circle of giving and receiving.

She has embraced her yin. 

How can you embrace your yin? Whether you are a man or a woman reading this, you can embrace your nurturing side. You can do this by caring for people in the world. This is not a weakness. Mother Teresa was not weak! She is a great example of a powerful woman. No one would argue that. As women, we can be leaders in the world this way. We can say that life doesn’t have to be this hard and rough thing full of competition and fighting. Life can be sweet and beautiful in a strong way. It is strong because it pulls people together for greatness. It is moving together towards something great rather than fighting to bring each other down, which ultimately weakens everyone.

A very rich and beautiful life can be had by anyone. People do not need to have an overpowering yang attitude to be successful. They can be very humble. I would say that Mother Teresa was a huge success! She may not have been a multimillionaire. Success is not always financial. Anything that she ever needed was granted. The feminine way is the yin way. It is receiving and giving. It is balance. There is a real depth to that kind of life. That is how I celebrate womanhood. I celebrate that aspect of humankind. All of us, male and female human beings, that want to be giving and peaceful in the world. It is not about what sex you were born with. It is about not having to go outward, but being inward and receptive. Taking in and enjoying the world. Being peaceful internally. Nurturing others and enjoying your life.

In celebrating women, I choose to celebrate the yin nature of the world.

People helping each other… a hug for a child, an act of kindness. It’s that sweet expression of beauty that is rich and wonderful. Thank you, Powerful Women, for being a great force in the world. May your lives be full of beauty!


  1. Personally, I’ve always kind of cringed at the notion of putting so much emphasis on distinguishing between women and men, so can relate to some of your comments here. I don’t see true leaders making that distinction either. Each person responds to different approaches. Being able to adjust how you communicate so it’s appreciated and understood by the individual is what makes your message (whether it’s written, spoken, felt or carried) powerful. Caring is something both sexes can do.
    Nanette Levin recently posted…Marketing strategies are useless without peopleMy Profile

    • I agree, Nanette. The “cringing at the notion of putting so much emphasis on distinguishing between women and men” part is so right on. I would say, for me, the same goes for political correctedness. If you have to point it out, are you really honoring them or are you just finding another way to divide by bringing energy to it? We are all just people. Why do we need all of the labels for stuff? It’s like the junk in our houses. Just more junk to complicate our lives. Who needs it? Let’s just live our lives.

  2. Great post Amy, and thanks again for the heads up on the blog hop 🙂

    Vikki recently posted…I Am Woman, Hear Me RoarMy Profile

  3. What a beautiful post, Amy. Thank you so much for contributing to the hop (and for recruiting beforehand, apparently). 🙂
    Amanda recently posted…Celebrating Womanhood. Because Women Are Amazing.My Profile

    • Ha, Amanda! Isn’t that what we were meant to do? I think it’s a great theme. I was really excited about it. You did it right by giving us some time to mull it over. I actually thought about it and then did my usual thing, which is to record my thoughts on the subject and then transcribe them into a post and then edit the heck out of it. I am really excited to read all the different posts that are out there on this topic. It is an important topic, especially now as the planet seems to need a bit of yin energy with all the stuff going on!

  4. Lovely post. Celebrating the yin! 🙂
    vickie johnstone recently posted…Celebrating womanhoodMy Profile

    • Agreed, Vickie! I was a bit worried that some visiting might not understand yin and yang. Hopefully, my post clarified it rather indirectly for them. Yin energy is so wonderful. It is meditative, reflective and nurturing. That is what today is all about! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Don’t you just LOVE the blogging community ladies 🙂

    Vikki recently posted…I Am Woman, Hear Me RoarMy Profile

  6. I loved this post. I have always been attracted to strong women types in literature and TV – Buffy the Vampire Slayer being my absolute favorite. Women can be heroes! Women can be strong! The yin and yang of Buffy is so complex it is really hard to believe she is not real! I don’t mind the fact that vampires and demons are not real, but Buffy… I wish! But of course, without vampires and demons, there would be no Buffy. LOL! I even named my shih tzu Buffy. 🙂
    Danielle Cloakey recently posted…TheTruth365 Day 4: What is your Truth? ContestMy Profile

  7. Lovely, I enjoyed this. I haven’t had a problem with the term feminism for a long time because I see it as an academic term describing a way of seeing the world, and while we still live in a paternalistic society I choose to adopt that as part of my perspective. And this has nothing to do with fight, for me, more a matter of awareness. I love what you say about peace, nurturing and softness. Thank you.
    Harriet Stack recently posted…Dealing with Big Problems 7 – staying present part 1My Profile

    • Thanks, Harriet. I read a lot of the posts on the Celebrating Womanhood event and was pleased to see that many of us feel similarly about our collective womanhood. People really came at it with such beautiful stories of people that have touched them dearly. That is what it was all about!

  8. Just dropping by from the blog hop. Very interesting post that I enjoyed reading!
    The Capillary recently posted…30 Days of Fitness – Day 18My Profile

  9. I have always cringed at Women’s Events and women’s things, but lately feel myself drawn to actually hang out with women. I think part of it really was my childhood and being taught to hate on women for so long, even though I am one.
    Amethyst Mahoney recently posted…How to Plan Your Blog PostsMy Profile

    • I can relate to your hesitancy. I always felt it was unfair to men to be feminist. I never liked to leave them out. I could have written the Tao Te Ching in both the feminine and the masculine voice, like many do, but I wanted to play with the feeling of having it all feminine. I wanted to bring up that little bit of discomfort (for myself and others) so that we can really feel how tilted things are in our current masculine voice world. Our cultural upbringing is so subtle. We are like fish in water and we will hold on to what we have been raised with, simply because it is more comfortable and we don’t want to change. I am not a man hater. I love men! I have comed to learn that I can be a feminist and love men. My goal is simply to bring awareness to our current situation and to help people to look more deeply at how we treat ourselves and each other.

      Thanks for stopping by, Amethyst. I am glad you chose to hang out with us here!

  10. I agree with you along the lines that a powerful woman is no different to a powerful man – normally someone who is comfortable with themselves and allows other to be comfortable with their own personalities.

    Does the fight for feminist rights need to go on? Unfortunately it does.
    It’s still the case that business does not pay women the same as men.
    It’s still the case that sport does not view women the same as men.

    Now, both those statements are sweeping generalisations, and there is always danger in that, but until those inequalities are ended, feminism in that sense of the word is an important concept.

    I agree that the term has been highjacked by that fight though, that it’s important to celebrate the feminine wonders as another use of the term.

    Cheers, Gordon
    The Great Gordino recently posted…The Paralympics – The Olympics Plus Added Wow?My Profile

    • Awesome response, Gordon. My point was not that we should not continue to expect that women get treated the same, but more in HOW we are staging the conversation. In a “fight”, there is a winner and a loser. I say we change up the language on it and consider that it is about treating people fairly and empowering people rather than coming from a place of bringing them down. I totally agree with you that things are not right now where I would like them to be. That is part of why I do this work. I know that we are all powerful human beings inside ourselves. Until we can own up to that and make the changes in our own lives that follow that belief, we will continue to need these improvements. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and participation!

  11. I really enjoyed your observations. I agree that we can be strong while still embracing our femininity.

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