41 – Perfection

cc image by Wim Vandenbussche on Flickr

cc image by Wim Vandenbussche on Flickr

Great people listen to Tao attentively
and live accordingly.

Average people listen to Tao
and are one moment aware,
the next moment unsure.

Below average people listen to Tao and ridicule it.
If they did not laugh, it would not be Tao.

The illuminated way seems dull.
The quickest path to Tao seems slow.
The straight path to Tao seems rough.
The highest virtue seems like a great abyss.
The purest things seems tarnished.
Abundant virtue seems lacking.
Solid virtue seems frail.
True reality seems uncertain.

The perfect square has no corners.
The perfect vessel is not yet finished.
The perfect music is without sound.
The perfect form is without shape.

Tao is hidden, unnamed – yet always brings fulfillment.

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  1. This one was kinda challenging to write. It was like looking in a mirror and seeing that you are not perfect. I am not perfect. I am most definitely average. I believe myself to be above average, sometimes, but I think that we all do that.

    I love the part about the perfect square. What does the perfect square mean to you, reading this?

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