E is for Earth


Photo Credit: Space Station Flyover of the Mediterranean & Alps (NASA/ESA)

My husband and I rarely argue, but when it comes to the Earth as an element, we argued. He said that the Earth is in a circle with the other four elements and I said that Earth is in the center of the circle, and each element goes back to the Earth. I felt justified because I’ve studied the Earth hexagram and the Five Elements Theory somewhat, but I think that we are both right. The argument was minuscule and soon forgotten, as most of them are.

Regardless of where it falls in the circle, Earth is the basis for all life. When discussing the topic of Nature, how can I possibly leave it out? Earth is our home, our mother, our planet in a crazy universe of cold, dark nothingness. Earth is what we all came from and what we all return to, it is what the other four elements depend on: Air/Wood, Fire, Water, Metal.

Earth IS the center of our existence.

We were watching a series the other night called Cooked. There was one episode dedicated solely to Earth and it mostly was about all the microbes that help us survive. When did we become so germaphobic? It snuck up on us gradually. The show was very interesting because it talked about all the ways that we need fungus and germs to survive. They talked about all the fermented foods we eat every day. Did you know that chocolate was a fermented food? And, of course, the vast array of fermented cheeses. Oh my. There’s plenty of those growing in my fridge!

The vegans say that we are low on vitamin B12 when we don’t eat meat. You know why? Because our plants are too clean! We used to get plenty of this vitamin just by ingesting some of the dirt that comes with the plant life we eat. But with all of our chemicals to kill all the pests, and the clean washing of all of our fruits and veggies, we don’t get enough of it. We are too clean.

Are you a gardener? There is something so fundamental about digging your hands in the dirt, isn’t there? I just love how I can plant things and then they grow (after what seems like ages). I love trying out seeds and watching them grow into full plants, although I am really not that good of a gardener. I love watching the little buds come out in the Spring on the bushes and trees. Earth is so precious.

So what are you doing to enjoy the earth this week? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. Interesting how we eat too clean. If it doesn’t snow, I might get out there and start cleaning up my flower gardens this week or very shortly after. But it seems that mother nature wants us to enjoy one last (I hope it will be a last one) blast of winter with another dumping of snow.
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  2. I like to enjoy the Earth by going for long walks in the garden with the early morning sun shining down upon me.

    Rachna Chhabria
    Co-host IWSG
    Rachna’s Scriptorium
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