Has Hatred Gotten the Better of Us?

Stop hate

Like many of you, I am very frustrated by the results of the election. If you consider yourself to be a generally peaceful, accepting person, you may find yourself now not knowing who to trust. While this is very understandable, we need to rise about it. The same people who are our neighbors, family and friends are still our neighbors, family and friends. I agree that they’ve made some terrible choices, but now we must move on, together. Lack of acceptance and hatred divides us, and we do not need to accept that fate.

If we join the hatred with hatred, the lack of acceptance with lack of acceptance, then we have lost. We have not only lost the country to a leader with questionable values, but we have lost our own values, which is worse. If you believe in all people being good at their core, now is the time to demonstrate that. If you believe that all people should have equal rights then it is time to model this by allowing everyone to have their say. If you believe that people should not be oppressed for what they believe, now is the time to have an open mind for what others believe that is different than your own. I am NOT saying that we should sacrifice our values and join the herd, but only that we need to remain open and loving in a time when being open and loving is not very popular or easy to do. I know its not easy, but this is the time that we need to pay very close attention to our how WE OURSELVES are being in the world. Every day.


  1. Easier said than done sometimes and a great reminder. I am doing what I can to make a difference and doing my best to remind myself that, at the end of the day, we are all doing what we think is best…we just have a different idea of what that is.

  2. There is a guy named John Smallman who supposedly channels “Jesus” each week. Yesterday, Jesus said, through Smallman:

    “What you have set in motion, with enormous assistance from those in the spiritual realms, is unstoppable, so rejoice in the knowing that all your doubts and anxieties are utterly groundless, and continue to restate your intention to be loving in absolutely every moment, regardless of the situations or of the interactions in which you are engaged. Love changes everything, so be loving, and observe in wonder what happens.

    “… God’s Will for all of creation is infinite and eternal joy! However, as you well know, you have free will. Free will is the freedom to choose to open your hearts to let Love in or to delay opening your hearts, thus holding out against It … If you allow Love in your lives change and joy fills you, regardless of your situation. Yes, Love can bring you intense peace and joy even when you are in a situation of pain, fear, and suffering, and in states like that It gives you the strength and the courage to move on and through that temporary state.”

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Louis Weltzer recently posted…ANOTHER DISCLAIMER ON BEHALF OF GOD*My Profile

  3. As the Tao states….Being and non-being create each other.
    Difficult and easy support each other.
    Long and short define each other.
    High and low depend on each other.
    Before and after follow each other.

    We must experience the bad to truly know the bad. This must happen, but this too shall pass. We’ll be OK.

  4. I meant to say we must experience the bad to truly know the good. But after reading it a second time, maybe what I wrote was more true.
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  5. I just found your blog and enjoyed browsing. Like you, I have studied the Tao Te Ching in depth, having loved it for decades. Several years ago, I began taking a chapter at a time and going back to the classical Chinese. Perhaps a bit like what you did with the Jonathan Star book. For me , this ancient wisdom connects in my life through meditation and the practice of martial arts.

    Looks like you haven’t added new material for a while, but I hope you’ll come back to it.

  6. I don’t trust left wing fascists like you. Mind your own goddam business.

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