I Ching #34 – Great Strength


Last month, I started a series that highlights a different I Ching hexagram that represents a given month in the year. Last month, that was #11 in my post,  The Origin of Valentine’s Day.  This month, the hexagram for this month of the year is #34 – Great Strength, which is the next hexagram in my numerical series! I just love little synchronicities like that!

So, in honor of this new Apricot Moon (March 8th), I am posting about hexagram #34 in the I Ching…

This post is #34 of 64 hexagrams in a series of posts about the I Ching, an ancient Taoist text that has many ties to the Tao Te Ching. For those of you new to this series, you may want to start by reading my post called “What is a Hexagram?” that helps to explain more about the general idea of the I Ching. If you are just starting this series, you may want to take a look at some of my other posts on the I Ching.


I don’t know about you, but Spring is on my mind. Today was a gorgeous spring day in Minnesota, so I put the cushions out on the chairs on my deck. Sure, I was not able to sit in them yet due to the fact that they were slightly damp and it was still rather chilly out there without my jacket, but my deck is now officially ready for Spring!

This hexagram is about a great strength that is not yet surfaced: like a seed. You have to be careful with seeds. They grow at their own pace – you can’t force them. If you fertilize them, you will kill them. Same is true for this type of energy. Timing is everything. When you allow your strength to be hidden, it can be brought out at just the right time. Preserve it: nurture its potential, like you nurture those cute little seeds for your garden.

This hexagram also relates to purity. What is more pure than a seed in the spring? When we act out of a place of good character, we are building our spiritual strength for our entire life. We feel the strongest when we do the right thing. This shows up for me when I am making juices in the mornings and doing my yoga. It also shows up for me when I meditate regularly. When I do these things that are clearly good for my character, I am strengthening this part of my life. I feel stronger.

Spring has that sort of feeling too. Spring is a time for renewing your energy. I live in the cold northland of Minnesota in the United States, so this is the time of year when everything comes alive after a long cold sleep. This hexagram is not only the 34th hexagram in the series, but it is the hexagram that represents this month of Spring opening up. I think that the Ancient Chinese definitely got something right here! There is Great Strength in Spring!

What do you think? How do you see this great strength playing out during this time of year? Tell us about it in the comments.


  1. Great thought great feeling personally I feel the energy from the trees that are responding to mother nature for another year of celebration may my year be as great as their year thank you for your time in your lectures namaste

  2. You and I should get to know one another! Glad I found your site!

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