Introducing My Bucket List


This is my rendition of the character, “dao”. In Chinese, dao means path or way.
It is the symbol used for Tao.

A Personal Touch

suzanne_mcraeI love reading Suzanne McRae’s blog because she is always so personal in her posts. Her writing is so raw and full of everyday life. She is a great model for me of how I want to write.  She shares very personal stories and I think her readers really connect with her on that.

So in honor of Suzanne and her beautiful sharing, I’ve decided to share my bucket list with you. I hope that it will grow  and change as time goes on, crossing things out as I go. It was a great exercise for me and it is so fun to now have one that I can add and cross off items.

Writing a bucket list makes you think about what you want to do with your life and helps you define what is important.

My list contains lots of travel and home stuff because that is important to me. It also contains some adventure items because those make me feel very alive. I was talking with my daughter last night about her favorite vacations and realized that we both loved beaches. Vacations with beaches are always good. I mentioned the vacation to Branson when we went ziplining. That really stands out to me. I have my husband to thank for that adventure. He loves that kind of stuff and I don’t think that I would have been so bold to plan it, but he did and so I can now cross it off my list.

This summer we are going to Maui.

Visiting Hawaii is definitely on the list, but when I was talking about it with a colleague of mine he mentioned that there is a tour that takes a bus to the top of a mountain and then drops people off at the top with bicycles so you can ride down the mountain on a bike. You do it very early so that you see the sunrise on the mountaintop. Eric kinda poo-pooed that one. He is not much of one for either early mornings OR bike rides, but I put it on my list. I almost turned it down because Eric didn’t want to do it, but then I thought about both ways and realized that I would be disappointed in myself if I did not take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I will be doing it without Eric.

Bucket Lists are Desires Yet Manifested

I wrote about desire recently, which generated some discussion about the topic and what it really means to desire something. Is it good or bad to desire? I think it is both. Like anything, desire has two sides to it.

In one perspective, desire lights the way to our path in life, our own tao.  (Dao/tao means “path” in Chinese.) Desire helps us to make our dreams manifest. If we don’t dream, we can’t create. We desire things to draw ourselves forward.

In another perspective, desire can represent those things that we wish to have but somehow feel that we have failed in achieving. Human beings are rather complex creatures and many times we don’t do it right. Desire in this case can remind us of what we don’t have yet.

Both definitions are for the same word, but they will manifest completely differently in our lives.

As I created this bucket list to share with you, I felt that this list represents the things that I am most proud of in my desires for my life. Yes, I wish to go to the grocery store to buy ingredients to make a cake but I won’t put that on the list. What does go on the list is the big ticket items. The things that I desire to accomplish before I “kick the bucket”.

In Chapter One of the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu said,

“When you are free from desire, you will understand the essence of your life. When you identify with your desires, you will observe the manifestations of your life. Both contain the deepest secrets of the dark unknown , the doorway to the mysteries of life.”


I think that both of these aspects to desire have been addressed in these lines. Both contain the mysteries of life.

I am on an adventure.

It is both a spiritual adventure, unlocking the mysteries of life, and a physical adventure – seeing what this world has to offer. I want to live my life fully and I hope that you will too. If you have a bucket list posted somewhere, please post a link in the comments! We would love to see it!

Want to see my Bucket List? Click here


  1. I love your list, Amy!

    I don’t have a list, but several years ago I was trying to make a decision, I can’t remember exactly what now. I thought forward to very old age, and asked myself what I would regret not having done. From then on, that has been my criterion: Would I regret not having done this?

    My number 1 not-going-to-regret is to become the best writer I can be. That realization has influenced many decisions in my life.

    Perhaps we can distinguish emotionally between desires for things and desires for experiences. The former could lead to a feeling of lack; the latter could inspire!

    I can’t remember if I told you that I used your previous post on humility as a starting point for one of my own. Here’s the link.

    Hug! Hope you are having a fantastic Saturday!

    Carole Remy recently posted…Lucy’s Sexy Fun Road Trip: Olympic National Park, Washington #TBSUMy Profile

    • Yes, you did and I apologize for not getting out there and commenting yet. I did read it, but my daughter was having a sleepover so the Mall of America took precedence! lol…I wanted to take my time in my response and then got distracted so I am grateful that you mentioned it!

  2. Amy, I was out gardening most of the day and briefly came in mid-afternoon and was online for a few minutes… when I saw that you had written a post about your bucket list. I wanted to read it but somehow clicked trash by accident, then it wouldn’t let me retrieve so I could open it… so I googled it and found it. lol What a beautiful surprise when I got to your post and saw my face there. 🙂 You are so kind. I cannot express how grateful I was to read what you had to say about my writing. I am very touched. Thank you. xoxo

    I went to read your bucket list, love all the neat things you have a desire to do. I have been contemplating whether I really want to go on a 10-day silent meditation retreat this year. Enjoy Maui. I look forward hearing all about your adventure. You have a lot of exciting things already being worked on from your bucket list. You have inspired me to give it some thought and maybe creating my own bucket list. 🙂
    Suzanne McRae recently posted…Heilkunst, Chronic Miasms and getting past the healing reactionsMy Profile

    • Aw, Suzanne. Thanks. I am very inspired by your writing. It is definitely one of my favorite places to hang out. Good luck with that list!

  3. “Bucket lists are desires yet manifested”

    I completely love that. If we open our hearts we can see that we are ever spiraling toward our highest good. Love how this post shows the power of manifesting and of meeting the universe halfway.
    Michael Mapes recently posted…Massive Mistake #5: Overvalue PR & Undervalue Powerful Marketing StructuresMy Profile

  4. I am grateful for those experiences I have had that I didn’t even know were possible to be put on my bucket list. . . I’m finding myself in a quiet place in the present, “bucketing” will have to wait a bit, though I fully believe in it. Blessings!
    Janet recently posted…Our cells are obedient!My Profile

    • That certainly is a big part of the bucket list, is including those things that you have already done that are worthy of adding to your list!

  5. Great graphic to start this post, Amy :-). I must get up to speed on Pinterest. Suppose that’s one of my Bucket List items.
    Nanette Levin recently posted…Life is a carnivalMy Profile

    • Yes, I thought of you as I was posting that image. I promised!

      If getting up to speed on Pinterest is one of your bucket list items, your list needs some serious attention! 🙂

  6. You had me at Maui!

    Let’s see – bucket list this year – podcasting, putting together a garden tour and spending more time in my own garden.
    6ftmama recently posted…DA’s Signature LunchMy Profile

    • The garden tour sounds great. So are you getting the people together and organizing the whole thing? That sounds like a big deal. What a cool thing!

  7. Hi Amy, another great post, I love your adventurous spirit. I have a bucket list with lots of things on it, one day I will write a post about it.
    Athena Brady recently posted…Giving Something Back 17My Profile

  8. I love your list and commitment to making things happen. I too have a list…I will have to go look at it again – it’s been a while and see how I’m doing. I’ve had a lot of firsts over the past several months…maybe I can cross a few things off!
    Michele Bergh recently posted…Chris Krinke – July 2013My Profile

    • Yeah! That would be cool to see your list too. I was just thinking this morning that I need to cross off a few things!

  9. I’ve often thought about writing a bucket list but never seemed to get around to it. So, I am actually going to do this. It will be interesting to see what that looks like! I know number one is going to Hawaii! It has been a dream since I was a teenager. Aloha, Amy!
    Belinda Rose recently posted…Toxic Relationships: Letting Go In LoveMy Profile

    • Aloha, Belinda. Please let me know when you get that flight booked. It is definitely a great place to visit! That many people can’t be wrong!

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