#IWSG – Insecure Writer’s Support Group for May 2016

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I participated in the A to Z Challenge last month. It was a  tough challenge, but I was proud of myself for actually completing it. I met a few new friends in the process, too. Up until that point, I had been going through a lazy blogger phase that had lasted far too long. Doing the challenge got me blogging again, and for that I am grateful.

Today is the monthly challenge to write about our insecurities in writing for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. If you are a writer, feel free to join us. It’s an open group that meets on the first Wednesday of every month. It’s an active group. It is also on Twitter and Facebook at #IWSG.

My blog has been going for several years. I used to write purely about the Tao Te Ching and related topics, but lately that self-imposed limitation has been hampering my flow. Doing a challenge to write about nature for a month unblocked my flow. The Tao is really about everything in life and “nature” is a word that doesn’t raise shackles for some people like the word “Tao” does. To many, Taoism is a religion and is not “their religion” so it turns them off. I get it.

My blog has always been about teaching the benefits of Taoism without the need to wear a robe and join a monastery. Most of my readers aren’t even Taoists. They just enjoy the simplicity of the Tao Te Ching and want to learn ways to incorporate its simple philosophy into their daily life. If that appeals to you, I hope you will visit me again and see what else is in store!

Let me know in the comments if you are part of the #IWSG and I will stop by and check out your post.


  1. I don’t know much about your topic, but it sounds interesting!

  2. I joined IWSG last month and just posted my first post for it yesterday (https://sandrayeaman.com/2016/05/04/insecure-writers-support-group-my-first-post/). I also took part in the April A-to-Z Challenge and found it a great way to push myself each day. Writing something–anything–every day seems essential to establishing a good habit.

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