L is for Light


Today is all about Light.

We are in the middle of our A-Z Challenge, so I am taking a break today from reading WORDS and instead sharing some photos of great LIGHT from a recent trip to Costa Rica. Enjoy!

This photo was taken just after a rainstorm. I love the blue light – it perfectly expresses the emotions of rain.




These two were taken fairly close together but look how much more yellow the sky is in this lower one. It is amazing what a few more minutes will do with the light.



This was a difficult photo to get. We drove by all these amazing fields. We were never sure what these were – maybe sugarcane? But the clouds were just stunning too. The difficulty was in finding both a place to pull over with the perfect view of the fields. I think I got the shot.


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This post is part of a series called the A to Z Blogging Challenge, taking place during the month of April 2016. Each day is a new letter throughout the month. My theme this month is NATURE. To view other bloggers writing about this alphabet, check out the list here.  

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The list so far…

A is for Aspen
B is for BreathB is for Butterfly
C is for Consciousness
D is for Deep Space
E is for Earth
F is for Fire
G is for Garden Gnomes
H is for Heaven
I is for Inequality
J is for Jade
K is for Kissing




  1. There’s so much beauty that surrounds us in nature. Thanks for sharing about the light.
    Suzanne recently posted…#WorldAutismAwarenessDay … in the life of a young adultMy Profile

  2. Lovely photos indeed Amy.
    Deborah Weber recently posted…Manifesto: L is for…My Profile

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