My Bucket List

Life is so precious.

Here is my bucket list of things that I want to do before I kick the bucket. Hopefully, way sooner than that fateful day… I am putting them in alphabetical order so there is not one that is better than another. I added a few that I have done already that were things I am glad that I did.

LAST EDIT: June 28, 2017

NOTE: The ones in bold are the ones that I am currently working on…the ones with strikethrough are the ones I have done already.
Be Financially Independent
Build a Beautiful Garden

Build a Fence in My Yard 
Build a Water Feature in My Yard
Build an Earth Home
Bungie Jump
Climb a Mountain
Do a Bicycle Trip
Do a Mother-Daughter Vacation with Tatia
Drive a Convertible Up the PCH
Go Horseback Riding Wherever I Want
Go on a Backpacking Adventure 
Go on a Meditation Retreat
Go Downhill Skiing
Go Downhill Skiing in the Mountains
Go Parasailing

Go Rock Climbing on Real Rocks
Go Snorkeling in Hawaii
Go Snorkeling in the Florida Keys
Go snorkeling in Puerto Rico
Go Ziplining

Have a Brand New Kitchen
Have Dinner with Oprah
Have Hummingbirds Use My Feeder
Hire a Personal Chef
Learn Chinese
Learn Spanish 
Learn Sailing
Learn Some Crazy Yoga Moves
Learn Tai Chi
Live Completely Off the Grid
Live in a Tin Can Camper for a While
Live in a Tiny House Village

Live in England
Live in Tuscany and Own a Moped and say Chao to People I Know
Live in the Woods
Live on Water Property again
Live within 5 miles of the ocean

Live on an island
Own a Moped
Own a Retreat Center
Own a Tiny House
Own a Tiny House Village

Publish a Book
Redecorate a Space in a Completely Artistic Way
Ride a Moped
Ride a Bike Down a Mountain
Ride My Bike to Work
Sail across a Sea or Ocean
See Paris with Tatia and Eric
Spend a Month in Silence
Spend a Month Alone
Spend a Weekend in NYC with my family

Spend the Night in a Tree
Start a Charity Project
Stay in a bungalow right on the ocean

Swim with Dolphins
Take a Sister Vacation 
Teach Classes Again
Visit Eugene, OR
Visit Glastonbury
Visit India
Visit My Friends in England
Walk the Appalachian Trail (not necessarily all of it)
Write a Bestseller


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  2. Maui is beyond awesome!

    We we eloped to/honeymooned there. If you get to Lahaina, there is a Taoist temple on Main Street (on the opposite end from the banyan tree) It’s quaint, unassuming, but has a very special energy to it…a deep authenticity from the Chinese population who have know the Tao for generations.

    I also recommend the Luaos. We went to the one at the Royal Lahaina at Kanapali (just north of Lahaina). I’m with Eric, preferring kona coffee on the beach to biking off Haliakala. Made up for it later by hiking in the aboretum on the road to Hana and taking the trail through the bamboo forest beyond the Oheo (Seven Sacred Pools).

    And when you are tired from all the biking the sushi and seafood is good beyond words, and I give 5 or 6 thumbs up to “Hilo Hattie’s” – you have to stop into one of those, even just for a few minutes, just for the pop culture kitch of it…and the free leis. Very much the spirit of aloha.

    I loved, loved, loved Hawaii! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did, and I hope you’ll share your thoughts about it on the blog too 🙂 Safe Travels

    • OMG. We are staying in Lahaina, I think! We are for sure doing the luao. In fact, since my husband is terrible at reading my blog I can tell you that I am going to surprise him by wearing my wedding dress (it’s a gauze sundress) to the luao. He will be so surprised! Oh thank you for the lovely suggestions! Now I am even more excited!

  3. Riding down that mountain has been on my virtual bucket list for years,. This summer I’m cycling Alaska, 400 miles. I’m sure I’ll have coffee, but probably not Kona. You’re take on Desire is correct, as you says it DEPENDS whether its good or bad. It’s all about being awake to your Desire and seeing it for what it is. Your a good motivator to make my own bucket list.
    Pat Helmers recently posted…Lost Deals As TutorsMy Profile

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  5. Hi Amy! I’m enjoying exploring your blog. This is a fantastic list and I want to do so many of the same things, like swim with dolphins, live off grid, and walk the Appalachian trail. You’ve inspired me to start writing my own bucket list. xx, Andi
    Andi recently posted…Good MedicineMy Profile

  6. Woah. That’s some list. Nice to see so many achievements too!

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