P is for Pollution



Today is all about Pollution.

I could bore you with a soliloquy on how bad pollution is, but I think you know that. So, instead I am going to write about some people I’ve met who have inspired me with answering the lifelong question: But what can I do about the pollution problem?

First, there is this couple I know. I will keep their names out of it because they are very private people and I am not sure if they would want me to mention them on my blog by name, even if it was in a very positive light. They are not, by any stretch of the imagination, “green earth” or “back to the land” types but they fall at the top of my list for people who have really done the most to combat pollution.

I suspect that their habits of pollution control began as a way to not waste money and not for any purpose of saving the earth. They built habits around managing their trash and just always did it that way. Trash in their home is dutifully sorted into compost, burnables and recyclables. They have been separating out compost way before it was cool or “green” to do so. They take maybe one or two trips to the landfill a year for things that don’t fall into any of those three groups. They don’t have a weekly trash pick up and they regularly burn their paper trash. Paper and plastic bags collected are used for other things or brought in to the charity shops for them to use with their customers. Things no longer wanted are given to charity or to someone directly who might be able to use it. The woman cooks almost all of her meals from scratch. She rarely buys processed foods and never buys things like frozen chicken patties or anything like that. They rarely eat frozen pizza. She’s more likely to make her own. They both would laugh if you called them “green” because they don’t care about any of those labels people throw around to show how they are helping the planet. They just do it.

Another model is my sister, Kim. Kim and Bill have taken on a project this year to eat only food produced locally in New Mexico. She blogs about it on her blog, Our Year of Only Local. Most processed foods are not made in New Mexico, so nearly anything processed is out. They have found local farms for their meats, dairy and many of their vegetables. She has learned to make her own foods that would normally be processed, like English muffins, breads and beans – lots of beans! I imagine that she has a lot less trash due to less packaging.

My third person is the author of  a book called Radical Simplicity. His name is Jim Merkel and he has dedicated his life to helping people to understand their global footprint through modeling. In his book, he outlines many ways that a modern lifestyle can affect the planet and thus, gives us suggestions on things that we can do to make less of a footprint. Some of these things may involve transportation habits, dietary habits and shopping habits. Overall, the less we consume and use – the less we pollute.

Well, I am going to stop for now. I have a lot more words I could say about this topic, but I want to give you time to read other A-Z posts that are out there!

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  1. I’m always interested in hearing how people navigate this, and it’s wonderful to have inspirations around you like your friends and your sister. We live in a city with good public transportation and we don’t own a car so I like to consider that part of our contribution to lessening our carbon footprint.
    Deborah Weber recently posted…Manifesto: P is for…My Profile

  2. Good and relevant post.
    Here is my stories with P
    Possessive – Personified
    Pongal – Festivals of India
    Aditya Sinha recently posted…P for Possessive – PersonifiedMy Profile

  3. Morgan Spurlock did an episode of his TV show on trash, and he found one family that does something similar. The trash they generate in a year can be contained in a small glass jar. It can be done if someone really wants to do it.
    Liz A. recently posted…Programmed PeopleMy Profile

  4. Very pleased to have stumbled upon your blog thanks to the A to Z Challenge. Its important to live mindfully, think local and do garbage sorting. I do a lot of that myself. Bookmarking your lovely blog 🙂

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