Scattered Life Collective: August 30th


This post was inspired by a blogging adventure  called Scattered Life Collective by Cynthia Lee. It’s a great series and I hope that you will check out the rest of the participants and perhaps even join us!

current time: 7:27 AM. Saturday morning.

on the menu:  Subway veggie delite sandwich with honey oat bread and sweet teriyaki sauce. Lots of spinach and hot peppers, yum! Well, it isn’t on the menu RIGHT NOW, but later on today because I bought a foot long to have a sandwich for later. Who can eat an entire footlong? I really need to cook more. I’ve been eating much healthier lately, but not cooking as much. Time to get back in the kitchen. It always helps when I do some menu planning, so I think I may do some of that this weekend.

out the window:  Looks like it is going to be a nice day today. It’s wet out there right now due to tons of rain yesterday, but we needed the rain. I am hoping that I can get outside today to work in the yard. Our weed whacker is on the fritz and it shows. Sadly, I had to give up on the bird feeders for now. The squirrels ruined too many of them and I haven’t found a way to keep something out there for the birds that the squirrels don’t ruin, so for now the birds will just have to find other feeders. It’s sad, but I will think of something. I just haven’t got anything out there right now for them.

reading: My latest book crush is The Art of Whimsical Lettering by Joanne Sharpe. It’s a class-in-a-book for learning how to do cool funky lettering. I want to do some lettering with some Taoist quotes. I think that would be fun.

The Art of Whimsical Lettering

I’ve also been reading chapter 12 of the I Ching. It’s a sad chapter. I will be creating a post on that soon for you so I won’t say much about it here.

watching:  Eric and I started watching a comedy series called Louie with Louis C.K. We thought we could watch it as a family because he is so funny, but in a rare moment of parental veto, I vetoed it for Tatia. Just way too much information for her younger teenage mind to take in. She will get plenty of info elsewhere. It doesn’t need to come from her parents and I honestly don’t think I want to know about it if she does get that information elsewhere. I know that you can’t stop the tide, but at least it should not come from me.

My take with her has always been somewhat liberal. I don’t want her to swear, but I haven’t been very protective of her exposure to it. To me, swearing is just people that are expressing themselves in a somewhat crass manner. I try not to do it myself, but there are rare times when a good swear word punctuates the situation perfectly. I’ve told her that, while she is in school, she is not allowed to swear or to tweet stuff that includes swearing. I’ve explained to her that she needs to be comfortable with any adult in her life reading whatever she posts or hearing what she says. That is a good rule for all of us to live by for whatever we do in our day to day interactions, so I feel it is important for her to follow it. I’ve told her that if she wants to swear and tweet swear words when she is out of school, she’s on her own so she can do what she wants. We don’t swear ourselves much except for the very occasional outburst when stubbing toes and such.  A lot of good movies have swearing in them. Comedians love to swear and we are all fans of comedy. Some comedy gets kind of lewd and we generally try and steer clear of those. It seems that lately the R rated movies have been getting worse, though. We were looking at a movie the other day and Tatia said, “Oh good, it’s rated PG-13.” She is learning to self-monitor, which is a very good thing in my opinion. My thinking is that, if I let her self-monitor, she will naturally flow towards the things that are kinder and less lewd. If I pressure her to go one way, she will go the other out of sheer stubbornness. So far, it’s working.

playing: This summer, I meant to do an art day but we never got to it. After reading The Art of Whimsical Lettering, I am really wanting to dig in and do some artistic lettering. Perhaps this weekend I will do some. I also want to catch up on my One Little Word challenge. My word for this year is NATURE. My goal is to decorate my office with nature images so that I can bring the word more into focus. Now that we are finally moved back in after our renovations this summer, I can get started on that. I ordered some posters to put up and I was thinking of creating the word nature out of big letters and maybe collaging them or something. I also ordered black chalkboard contact paper to put on my desk and can’t wait to try it out. (It still hasn’t arrived.) I will keep you posted. 

good things: here’s a list:

  •  sunlight in my window. Right now, the sun is streaming in my window on me. Love that. I would love it if this weekend was sunny and nice weather. It’s Labor Day weekend here in the States. Everyone is looking for good weather to celebrate our last official weekend of summer.
  • my new washer & dryer. Yesterday, our new washer and dryer was finally installed and hooked up! Our old one was just SO old. It would mangle our clothes up into a tight wad each time and just had to go. Our appliances collection is now complete. This new washer and dryer is pretty cool. It has a sensor for when the clothes are dry and just stops. It then tumbles them every few minutes for up to a few hours in case you forgot there were clothes in the dryer. We also got new towels recently that are quick dry towels so our laundry situation should be much better now.
  • being done with “the big move”. The last few weeks have been crazyville. We had to move the entire contents out of our school for the summer and then move them all back in. When I left work on Friday, I was pretty much DONE. Yes… Labor Day can be Labor Free.

around and about:

As I go through my week, I like to look back on what I’ve found online. This part is always fun for me to review. Here are some posts that I have found over the last few weeks…

 Fake Calligraphy

In my search for help with lettering, I came across Emily’s post on her Jones Design Company blog about How to Create Fake Calligraphy. Perhaps I will try some of her techniques with my whimsical lettering experiments!

Maple Syrup Bars

My sisters and I are trying to lose weight. So far, I’ve lost close to 10 pounds. One thing that has really helped us to eat less sugar. They are both giving up sugar entirely but I am just eating less of it. We are also tracking our food intake, which makes a difference too! I don’t know how many times I have turned something away because of knowing that I would have to put it in my food diary! It works! We are also drinking more water. If you are interested in losing weight, you can join me on Here is my member profile page if you have joined and want to connect.  So what I started to tell you about is this recipe for maple syrup bars I want to try. Maple syrup is actually a very healthy alternative to sugar. So is molasses. Both have vitamins and are very sweet. In my coffee, I stick to stevia though.

Quilting Patterns

When I made my first quilt, I swore that I would never make another one. (You can see a photo of it on my blog post here.) But recently, I was cleaning out some stuff out of the garage and found my great grandmother’s quilt out there. No, it should not have been in the garage. That was a very bad mistake. It was nearly disintegrated! So I decided to try and salvage what I could. It’s a hexagram quilt with little hexagram flowers. Sweet. It was made out of old clothes. So I was looking online for quilting ideas and came across this sweet little post on quilting with hexagons. Here is a photo of what I was able to salvage. The rest of it was just filling and shredded fabric. So sad! I could NOT throw it out. So now I have to find a way to use it in a new quilt. The only problem is, what on earth do I do with red and gold? Yikes.



Well, that’s it with my week. What is happening in your week! Share it with me in the comments! I absolutely love hearing back from my readers. 



  1. Whimsical lettering and fake calligraphy – how fun! Perhaps you can do a small framed hanging of the pieces salvaged from your great grandmother’s quilt – that sounds a whole lot less labor intensive than tackling a whole quilt. Enjoy your labor-free Labor Day Amy – and happy September.

    • That is a good idea, Deborah, but I think I need to do the quilt. 🙂 Some things you just gotta do! I did work on an art project over the weekend. I will blog about it later, for sure. All in all, it was a good weekend!

  2. Bringing nature into your office sounds like an exciting project. My word for the year is momentum, and I’m thinking I’d like to do some catchup on that, too. It has not been anything like the slow and steady continuous movement I imagined. There’s been lots of going, stopping and stalling instead.
    Tat recently posted…‘We made bush’My Profile

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