Scattered Life Collective: February 13th


This post was inspired by a blogging adventure  called Scattered Life Collective by Cynthia Lee. It’s a great series and I hope that you will check out the rest of the participants and perhaps even join us! Since I am participating in Michele Bergh’s Inspired Blogging Challenge this month, I needed to step it up a bit with my blog writing and I always love writing these kinds of posts. They have usually nothing much to do with the Tao Te Ching, but then all of life is really a chapter out of the Tao Te Ching, so I am taking my creative license here. 

current time: 1:03 PM.

on the menu:  Salad… lots of salads this week! Yeah, me! Salads are a funny thing. I love them but I get SO lazy in the morning when it comes to making a lunch for myself. So this week, I think I figured out a new trick! I prepped a bag of romaine lettuce (I do not like iceberg lettuce and I normally would do spinach, but getting fresh spinach is sometimes tough in the winter time in MN). So I prep this big bag of lettuce and then I prepped a big bowl of the veggies to put with it. This combination lasted me three days. Then all I have to do each morning is fill my little dressing container! Nice! 

out the window:  Tiny little bits of snow in the air. But it’s sunny, at least! Current temperature – 14 degrees ABOVE zero with a windchill of (-) 2 degrees. Yikes. I keep telling my husband that Spring is almost here, but he says he is a realist and knows it is still a long ways off. Well, at least this cold snap will keep the lake frozen a bit longer so maybe I can get another walk or two out on the lake this week… in a couple of weeks, Eric, Tatia and I are going downhill skiing at Wisconsin Dells. I am super excited for that. I love our little resort that we stay at. Super cozy and woodsy. Gotta love it!

reading: I am going through all of my books right now, trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of with our SoulSpace Facebook group. So I am skimming a lot of books, but not really reading any of them at the moment. LATER: Last night, I picked up The Good Life by Wendy Tremayne. Oh, I so love that one! That was definitely on my ever-shrinking KEEP pile! For those who are not following along in the FB group, I am selling my unwanted books on Amazon. They have an option called “Fullfillment by Amazon” where you just pack them all up in a box (with a label on each one) and ship them off to Amazon for them to sell them for you! No keeping the books around and watching your email for when they sell! I love it! Wow. It’s a whole new world!


pandora: Here’s a list of some favorites on Pandora this month…

  • Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. He is brilliant in the way he brings us back to the 70s without being stale!
  • Come & Get It by Selena Gomez.  I know. Before you say anything about my adding Selena Gomez to my A list, please hear me out. On this particular song, she blends in some lovely Indian vibes and it sounds great! Although the lyrics are somewhat typically 20-somethingish, the sound is fabulous.
  • Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I still can’t figure out if they are joking or not about buying clothes at the thrift store, but since I myself buy clothes at the thrift store, I like the funky beat and the lyrics make me smile.
  • Take Me to Church by Hozier. OK, it’s been overplayed. At least in my little slice of the world, it has been. But I like it.

audible: I’ve been sort of a book slut when it comes to Audible lately. I can’t seem to settle on any one book to listen to. I listen more at work these days, so it really depends on the project I am working on and the book. Here are a few I’ve been dabbling with lately: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield – a book about RESISTANCE and how to overcome it with your creativity, The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer – This is a fun listen because she is a musician (remember the Dresdan Dolls?) and so she occassionally sings for us in the audio book. I remember thinking, “Now this is kinda cool!” I’ve never been sung to in a book before. Gotta like that. Drop Dead Healthy by A. Jacobs – I was forewarned by my sister, who read several of his other OCD-like books that he was a strange human being. In this book, he is trying out every diet and health kick that is popular and reporting on it. The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron – maybe SOMEDAY I will actually start doing Morning Pages? See what I mean? Book slut.

watching:  As a family, we’ve started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation together. Yeah, I know… it’s a pretty old series. But I’ve never watched it regularly, only in bits and pieces and it is SO much better watching series straight through, in order. We really like it. Each episode is a brand new adventure.

playing: Last weekend, we had some friends over to play poker. It was a blast! This week, I am boning up on my poker skills for the next time we decide to play. I think that this new game will satisfy several of our needs: Eric’s need to play poker, my need to have some fun and PLAY a bit more and my need to have people over! WINWINWIN!

good things: here’s a list:

  • Playing poker with friends. and being beaten by them as well.
  • Spring. Just.around.the.corner….
  • Our SoulSpace Facebook Group. Gotta love them!

around and about:

Here are some wonderful things I’ve found online this month –

  • Homemade Clorox Wipes. I am always on the lookout for cool ways to take care of my home AND the earth. These are pretty cool! Too bad I tossed out my old baby wipes container! In fact, I threw out all my old rags and towels, too, when I was decluttering! Oh well. Still, these are cool.
  • Season of Non-Violence. Every time I visit Deborah Weber’s blog, I learn something new. The Season of Non-Violence is a peace movement taking place between the anniversary of Gandhi’s and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination.  If you are a blogger, there are plenty of prompts there to fill your head with all sorts of great things to write about!
  • Inspired Blogging Challenge. If you are a blogger and you can relate to the content on my blog, you should definitely check out Michele Bergh’s Inspired Blogging Facebook Group. Once a quarter, she does a blogging challenge. You set the goal of what you want to write. My goal is 2-3 posts per week, which is a lot for me these days! The group is very supportive and the blog topics are right down my alley so even if you aren’t a blogger, there is a lot to read there!
  • Vaginal Kung Fu. In Michele Bergh’s Orgasmic Living Facebook group, she posted something that led me down a rabbit hole and I came across this website where you can learn all about Vaginal Kung Fu. She caught my attention when she mentioned shooting ping pong balls with your vagina. Whaaattt? OK. So I have really no aspirations of THAT, but she did make some pretty good points about keeping your vagina in fine shape, like any other muscle. She even mentioned a woman who won a Guiness Book of Records for lifting the most amount of weights with her vagina. Whoa. There’s even a Wikipedia entry for it.

And, with that lovely thought, I will close. Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I love seeing a SLC post from you Amy – and thanks for the mention. How funny that I’ve been in salad mode this week as well. Although it’s cold enough that comfort foods would seem more in order, those green have been calling.

    The Art of Asking is working its way to the top of my bedside pile, but now I’m kind of sad I didn’t get the audio version replete with the occasional breakout song.

    How fun that poker is multi-tasking as a win-win-win for you, and I certainly had to smile at the Vaginal Kung Fu link. Wishing you a wonderful week!
    Deborah Weber recently posted…How Do I Love Me?My Profile

  2. Sounds like you’ve been have a lot of fun! Have you seen the salad in a jar things? I’m honored to be a part of so many of your pleasures in life lately 🙂
    Michele Bergh recently posted…Change your Lighting to Increase CreativityMy Profile

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