SoulSpace: An Interview with Author, Xorin Balbes


Oh my.

I just had the most FABULOUS interview with Xorin Balbes today, the author of SoulSpace that we have been studying for the last six weeks over at our SoulSpace group on Facebook. He was such a delight to talk with! I won’t say much here because we said it all in the interview! Click below to have a listen!


NOTE: It’s a big file so it takes a minute or so to download it before it plays so please be patient. (I will fix that.)


Here are some links to things we discussed in the interview:

Lumeria Maui: One of his most current projects and a huge project that he recently sold. When he discussed his reasons for selling it, he said that he realized that (running the place) was not really his thing as much as creating it.

Sowden House (his favorite project). On his website, he has photos of this place and of many of his other fantastic projects! He said it was his favorite project because it was like “living inside of creativity itself”. In speaking of why he loved it so much, he said that working on a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright was like “restoring a master’s work”, of which he felt humbled and grateful for at the same time.

SoulSpace: This link is for his website for the book. After talking with him, I can see how this process is infused in everything that he does! This is Xorin’s online home/blog/website. On this site, he has photos of many of his AMAZING PROJECTS to inspire you!



  1. Excellent Amy!!! What I appreciated the most was your continued enthusiasm throughout the whole interview. Great job! Thanks for sharing our passion about his book to him for us.

    I also enjoyed listening to your stories about your sisters, mom all over the country and then about your home here in MN. I know we read about it on FB but it’s different when we get to hear you speak it. Cool…
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  2. One thing that really caught my attention was his comment about realizing that he really enjoys the creation of something…I have beat myself up for not being able to maintain a system or something similar BUT to reframe that in a more positive and empowering way is that I too prefer the creation process. Once something is created, there’s a part of me that’s ready to move on to the next creation project. That feels really good and true to who I am.
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  3. “Soulspacing” as a verb… love it! He said he’s been soulspacing his life. I am totally going to think of it that way. Finding passion and creativity and excitement is a great goal.
    I really identify with how he stumbled upon something that he loves and that it was a natural progression and journey. It’s so much better than sitting in my house and trying to dream up what’s next for me. Getting out there and just trying things is the way to go. And no pressure… it all makes sense when he looks backward.
    And I also love that he’s ok with being in a pause (in his life symphony) right now to see what’s next. I am so impressed with how in touch he is with himself, his needs, and his goals. Oh Amy, you did such a great job!
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  5. Juli Seydell Johnson

    Great interview. I am intrigued to learn more.

  6. What a delightful interview Amy – and a huge thumbs up to you for doing it and much gratitude to Xorin for gifting us with his time and thoughts.

    I, too, am loving the expression “SoulSpacing” and really appreciate the comment about doing it to one’s life. That’s so clearly what this is all about, and yet it really clicked things to a deeper level for me when it was articulated. Now I feel like I want to be an ever bigger advocate for this process. 🙂

    I’ve said all along I really appreciate and delight in how deeply you’ve embraced and opened up to this process. That really is one of your most wonderful gifts – that ability to commit full out and see what turns up and experience it all so deeply. I love, love, love that about you Amy!
    Deborah Weber recently posted…Finding the Beauty in FebruaryMy Profile

    • Yes, Deborah, I was thinking of you when we were talking about loving your space. I know it is hard when you are ready to move on. I think that, no matter where you live, you can find ways to connect with your space. Good luck with this and I appreciate your sweet comments.
      amy recently posted…A Tribute to Loving MyselfMy Profile

  7. Such an interesting interview, Amy. You did a fantastic job, so easy going like you have known each other for years. He has such passion and enthusiasm but yet takes time to pause, lovely. Thank you so much for sharing.
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