SoulSpace: Phase 3 – Cleansing


When I started writing this post, I just completed cleaning my end table. It was a total disaster but now it looks beautiful and my necklaces are all on their little hooks. (Happy sigh.)

Earlier last week, I had created a frame to hang my jewelry on and had been quickly disappointed when at least half of my command hooks feel off the frame and my necklaces all dropped back behind my end table. Behind my end table is No Man’s Land. I don’t ever go back there. So I avoided the whole situation all week. I read about and saw photos of everyone else making great progress in their spaces and mine was completely stuck! I had worked so hard on that dang jewelry frame, only to have an even bigger mess at the end of it! I was very frustrated.

Then today, Michele Bergh messaged me and asked me if I was OK, after reading about my downturn week. Chatting with her helped me to turn things around. She’s a good friend. It gave me just the little push that I needed! So I got home and finished it.

So, next week’s topic is cleansing. Although most of us are busy cleaning our homes throughout this book club, the topic of this phase is cleansing, not cleaning. I looked online to find the actual difference in these two words. On the Grammarist website, they specify that the term clean is used in a more literal sense. You clean the dishes, you don’t cleanse the dishes. Cleansing is used more in the sense that you are making a thing pure. This is what we are doing with our homes. We are making them pure. I found this sweet little quote at the beginning of the Cleanse chapter in the book…

“If a man’s mind becomes pure, his surroundings will also become pure.”  ~Buddha

It can work in reverse, too. If you can make your surroundings pure, it may help with your mind! So, the other week I cleaned my jewelry. Every piece of it. I have a lot, as you can see. Some of it was rather tarnished and I brought it back to life. By cleaning it in this way, much has been cleansed. In the more figurative sense, this action has helped me to fall in love with my jewelry again. I still may get rid of some pieces, but now they are all accessible and fresh feeling. I believe that cleaning and cleansing are so similar because the act of cleaning things does more than just make them less dirty. It gives them new spirit because you have seen the item with fresh eyes. If you clean properly, you take each item into your hands and you honor it as you make it nice again. If you have a million things in your home, this is impossible. So to truly cleanse, you may have to get rid of a few things. Still, honor those things as you get rid of them. They have served their purpose with you.

I was hoping to have my house all cleaned for presenting today’s post, but that was not to happen. It is definitely better than it has been. As I clean different areas, there is a bigger sense of purity in the home. Yesterday, I saw a trim board along the floor that was rather gross. It was in a hallway, so it had not gotten the attention it deserved. So I grabbed a wet wipe and cleaned it really well. It took about one minute.


And now for the special announcement:

For this week’s group chat, I am going to change it up a bit. During the past two group chats, we all just chatted on the message board for an hour while our homes sat untouched. Last week, I was a bit jealous of Sandy Palencar. She said that she couldn’t participate in the group chat because she was busy working on her house!! So this week, we are going to WORK during the group chat! Haha. If you are reading this before Saturday morning at 11 AM Central Time, come prepared to WORK on your house! Don’t worry. We will still connect with each other, but we will have periods where we will work too. Come and join us to find out how we will do that. If you are in the group, but not in the group chat and want to join it, just message me on FB and I will let you in.

So good luck with your homes this week. For those of you not in the group, it is not too late. The group runs until the end of February 2015. Join us anytime. It’s a hoot!

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  1. Wow, Amy! I get an ‘honourable’ mention. too cool! neat idea for the new chat…..

    As for last weekend, I was on a roll, and with my crazy busy schedule during the week, it seems that if I am to keep up with the purge + clean + dream stuff, I need to REALLY move my caboose and do spurts of active cleaning when I can! and that is weekends.

    thanks for making me FAMOUS! 🙂

  2. Thanks for pointing out the difference between ‘cleaning’ and ‘cleansing’. It brings it to a whole new level. Love the way you took the time to really cleanse the jewelry. This will give me a better perspective as I work on cleansing this week. I have been dreading this week but now I am looking forward to it. Making my things pure along with myself!
    Elda recently posted…How is YOUR Method of Dealing with Conflict Working for You?My Profile

  3. Oh I love this Amy! What a great idea for the chat time and I’m so glad you are back to your normal cheerful self 🙂 I’m not sure you have any idea how much you have helps this group of people, including me. This has been life-changing and healing on so many levels…all because of a little book and your desire to make your life and your space feed your soul in a new way and the ripples you sent out…wow is all I can say.
    Michele Bergh recently posted…Living Inspired By DesignMy Profile

  4. For a moment, I thought you used clean and cleanse both for in same terms. To be very honest, I used both used for same meaning but now after going through your post, I came to know both are different. Beside re-energizing me, I am really grateful for clearing the concept of cleaning and cleansing. Now I am ready to clean my library and cleanse my books. Thank you for sharing a motivative post.

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