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This is the sixth post in a series about a book we are studying on Facebook called SoulSpace. The book is about creating your home in such a way that it supports who you are and where you want to be in life. You can still join us, if you would like…

Phase 6: Create

As I reviewed the chapter on CREATE, I could not help but feel disappointed that I am not further along in my changes in my home. So I decided to make a list of what I have done already to make myself feel better about what positive changes I have done.  It is also to show you that even little changes can mean a lot and it is important to honor what you’ve accomplished. This is not an easy journey! Our group has been working very hard this last six weeks on their spaces.

Here are a few of the changes that I have made in my home since starting this book club six weeks ago:

  • 11004134_10204227927551992_480508965_n
    Replaced our dining room chair cushions.
    This is a biggie! Our old cushions were rather battered and not very comfortable. I looked at a LOT of chair cushions and none of them really had the right color or the right style that appealed to me. I am really trying to make my purchases carefully so that I don’t end up tossing yet another bad idea and throwing money down the drain. I finally settled on these mustard yellow cushions from Pier 1. Bonus that Eric actually thought they were OK too! Eric is not the most enthusiastic of decorating partners, but this is helpful to me when it allows me to just pretty much do whatever I want.One of the things that came up in our assessment phase is that I do not have enough comfortable seating for guests when they come – thus the search for good dining room seating. We debated somewhat on replacing our table and chairs and I spent some time searching for new dining room chairs. In the end, I decided that I didn’t want to replace the ones we have. We have lots of other more important things to spend that amount of money on! So we settled on getting new updated cushions and then spending the bulk of our money on updating our very sad torn sofa with a better quality one with more seating. That way, the seating of our dining room chairs is not as important if we are able to move ourselves into the living room and comfortably sit there instead. BONUS: Having more friends and family come to our tiny 680 square foot house!
  • yarn_basket
    New yarn bin. I found this yarn bin at Goodwill. I like that it is tall and I love the natural fiber baskets around my home. My yarn corner is still a mess and this bin sits empty in my dining room, but I will eventually replace my old one with it. I would like to line it, perhaps with a fabric bag, so that the yarn does not catch on the weave. Knitting is very important to me and I am almost always working on something from my knitting bin. So it has to stay close to me when I sit on the sofa. On the new sofa, I will not have my corner next to me. Where to put my yarn has been a big unanswered question. I am hoping that this yarn bin with the smaller footprint can fit at the end of my chaise.
  • Reusing a storage unit. Eric was a little upset when I told him that we needed to get rid of either the drawer unit where his stuff is kept or this new storage unit that we bought last year for the office corner. There just isn’t room in our tiny living room for both of those pieces AND a new L-shaped sectional! But, all was not lost. I asked Tatia if she wanted it in her room and she does. Her room is a whole other story, as far as furnishings go, but this piece will eventually be moving into there. I also bought some bins for her to use in the storage unit. So we are going to sell her old dresser and replace it with this.
  • Bathroom storage. I love our new bathroom storage basket. I got this for only $7 on clearance at Michaels and it is perfect for us. Now, rather than having a dusty step stool with a dirty scarf on top of it piled with crap, we have a simple lidded basket with our roll of toilet paper on top and all our important bathroom essentials at a moment’s grab away. I also super cleaned our bathroom floor so that it no longer has that “gross factor”. I want to keep it that way.
  • New kitchen towels & hot pads. Funny how you find things in unusual places. We were grocery shopping and I came across these dish towels at the grocery store. I wouldn’t normally think to buy dish towels at the grocery store, but these were really cute and (because I had just TOSSED nearly all of my old ones), I knew that I needed some new ones. As for the hot pads, who doesn’t need a bit of Yeti in their lives? Especially in the Great White North?

Projects still in motion:

  • Sofa shopping. I have spent many hours in search of the perfect sofa. The SOFA has become the grand demonstration of the cumulation of this work for me. It was my concession in giving up about 80% of my books and giving my desk and office corner over to my husband – he gets the office and I get my L-shaped sectional! I believe that I am very close to finding one. We have narrowed down the shape, which is a biggie in our tiny space. (Our living room is only 90″ wide, so this is a very careful consideration!) We have decided on a general color group, somewhere in the sandy color area. I am still researching textures, although leaning towards a tweedy or a velvet, depending on ability to keep it clean. I am also researching brands. The last time we bought a sofa, we just went into a furniture store and picked out the most comfortable one. Three years later, it has a hole in it and one of the recliners doesn’t go back in easily so I hardly ever use the recliner. In short, it was a bad decision. Given that this project is getting us in touch with surrounding ourselves with things we love, the sofa choice is MAJOR. It must be of really good quality so it will last us a long time.
  • Family Photo Wall. I’ve made some headway, but this project is still in the making. I’ve been going through lots of photos and choosing ones that I want to include. I just need to get out the printer and start printing some of them!
  • Tatia’s Loft Bed. When we were at IKEA the other day, we found a loft bed that fits a desk underneath it for Tatia’s room. She really liked it and she doesn’t get excited about much so I am thinking of getting it for her. It will make her very tiny room much more efficient!
  • Kitchen. Sad to say, I have made zero progress on my kitchen renovation during this book club, but that is OK. I had not intended to finish it during this book study. It’s been a bit of an albatross for me. (Not the bird.)
  • Our bedroom. Not much of a start there, either, but I feel that I have made some progress in the PLANNING stage of this space at least!

So that is where I am at with all my stuff. How about your home projects? Anything exciting going on?



  1. I love your idea of creating a list. I also feel like I’d like to be further along than I am.
    Michele Bergh recently posted…Clean Up Those CategoriesMy Profile

  2. I love this post Amy. I can totally relate to not being as far along as I’d hoped, but I have to say I’m really impressed with the changes you’ve made. The re-thinking functionality and purpose and shifting things around is really deep work that goes well beyond cosmetic improvements. But yay to the fun pretty improvements too!

    Making a list of what you’ve done and are still working is was brilliant, and I hope you’re celebrating all your dones.

    I understand the challenges of working with small spaces. My rooms are quirky small, and it’s a particular issue in the kitchen where one of my projects is to find a perfect new kitchen table. It’s proving challenging because I don’t really want to give up my current chairs, but I’m enjoying the hunt. And luckily it’s one of those things that isn’t urgent.

    Wishing you another week of wonderful progress and creation!
    Deborah Weber recently posted…Looking for Joy in all the Right PlacesMy Profile

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