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I am a bit behind in my SoulSpace posts. I did the interview with Xorin Balbes during the Elevate week (what better way to elevate things than to talk to the author of our book study book?) After the interview, I forgot to write about how I elevate my own space.

If I have learned one important thing from all of this, it is that my best progress takes place when I am forgiving of myself. Like Naomi wrote, I also have been feeling a bit of down time to absorb this process. It feels out of place to be focusing on elevating my space when I am still surrounded by stuff! I want to keep looping on the first three phases until my entire space is where I want it to be as far as cleanliness and clutter! I am just not there yet.

But I still want to honor the process. This phase of elevating is a fun one. In this phase, Xorin encourages us to consider what are the “little things” that we do to make our space comfortable and to give us a sense of relaxation. Ideally, we are able to create a spa-like experience in our own home.


So how do I do this? There are lots of ways. One thing I love is putting a tablecloth on the table and lighting candles for dinner. Celebrating the day with my family is a great ending to our day. It gives us time to tune out all the electronics that rule our time and to focus on each other.

Another thing I love to do is play music in the house. We don’t always agree on our musical tastes, but my husband and I have music that we both love and Tatia and I have music that we both love. Playing music and enjoying it together adds intimacy to our day. Eric and I love to listen to kirtan music. We’ve often attended concerts and kirtan festivals to enjoy this together. It is a rich part of our relationship and something that we connect deeply with. With Tatia, we love listening to the same music. We have very similar tastes in our fun and funky music choices so we will put on music sometimes while we are washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. Or when we are cooking together.


Another comfort to our family time is cozy blankets. A few years ago, I made a colorful quilt. This quilt is our family quilt and we all love to snuggle under it while we watch TV together in the evenings. Recently, it got displaced by another more snuggly blanket that my mom gave me for Christmas, but this blanket is not big enough for all of us so we kinda fight over it. The family quilt is still used but the blanket is preferred so we might have to work on that. Maybe we need to get a bigger one that we can all fit under and then move our family quilt to our bed.

Speaking of our bed, this last week our bed has become another strong ELEVATE point. Our bed is always an elevate point because we tend to use very comfy pillows and blankets. We are really picky with our bedding choices. But our mattress is a getting older and not holding its shape as well as it has, so it has started to get uncomfortable. We had discussed getting a new bed, but really didn’t want to invest in that right now. So, rather than buying a new bed, we decided to purchase a 4 inch memory foam. Wow. What an incredible difference it has made! Tatia’s bed is very comfy too. Last Christmas, we got her a new memory foam that is pretty thick. Like us, she really likes her comfy bed!

So that is what we are doing to elevate our home. What about you? What are the special things that make your home unique to you?



  1. Lovely post, Amy! LOOOOOVE that quilt too! I have a ‘starter’ bit’o’quilting that has a similar colour palette, and feel, to yours!


  2. I elevated the master bathroom this morning using scrubbing bubbles…hah! It was sparkly clean and that was nice. A dirty bathroom is really beneath us, isn’t it? I know that’s not really part of elevate, but it is good that I at least took the time to look around and notice my environment. B helped elevate the kitchen too. All is well here. Have a great day!

  3. I know what you mean about the memory foam…awesome! (Beautiful quilt by the way)
    Lynn Fisher recently posted…WelcomeMy Profile

  4. Amy- so great to hear how you are “elevating” your home. I’ve enjoyed following you and some of the others who are doing this project. Isn’t it special when you set the table with a tablecloth- love it!
    Sue recently posted…Comment on Ride on by Harmony HarrisonMy Profile

  5. Gorgeous quilt Amy. I love to read about all your different projects. I recently bought some blinds that cut out 90% of the sun as it gets very hot in the Summer here. We are slowly drifting into early Autumn in Sydney but it’s still around 28 degrees in the afternoon.
    It’s fantastic and has elevated our house to being so much cooler. Also I bought them for a quarter of the price I was quoted initially. A friend told me to go to the local hardware store and we put them up ourselves, so am very happy about that. Thanks for your inspiration.

    • Oh, how sweet, Sherry! It is always fun to see when our project touches the lives of people. Super fun. Have fun in your cool house! We had daylight savings time here TODAY so Spring is punctuated by an extra hour of daylight in the evenings which, to me, is always the signal that winter is ending. Add the beautiful spring weather to that and I am a happy girl! I do love Fall too, though. There is something special about every season. Fall is nice for cozying up with blankets and sweaters. Gotta love that!
      amy recently posted…SoulSpace: Phase 7 – ElevateMy Profile

  6. What a wonderful post Amy – I’ve so enjoyed this series from you. And I love your elevation practices. What a fabulous patchwork quilt, and what a great idea about the memory foam. I love tablecloths too, particularly vintage ones. I have a kitchen table that fits our oddly shaped kitchen space, but it’s not a table I love. But putting on a tablecloth and it’s a different story.
    Deborah Weber recently posted…2015 International Women’s DayMy Profile

    • Tablecloths can do wonders for a crappy table. I think that is one of the secrets of a beautiful home – finding ways to work with what you have to make it fit for you! We don’t all have lots of money to spend replacing all our stuff, but we can work with it and make it nicer. Thanks for stopping by, Deborah!
      amy recently posted…SoulSpace: Phase 7 – ElevateMy Profile

  7. Loved loved loved your post Amy. I do all of what you do too…but never looked at it as elevating my home. Interesting! I make use of scented sandalwood and candles. When it comes to music…hubby and I love instrumental ones:) thank you Amy. Will share your post!
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  8. Oh this makes me want to return to my elevating efforts. Thanks Amy. Sometimes life gets in the way and the happy making things get forgotten. Love the fact that the 4 inch memory foam is an option. My bed is in need of replacement but so are many other things around my house. Love your quilt too. Those colours are gorgeous.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Dining Out NightmareMy Profile

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