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To read other posts on what they did for Kindness Week 1, click on this image! Then read the comments section for everyone’s input.

Niki at The Richness of a Simple Life has issued a Kindness Challenge for anyone who is interested. This is week 1 of the challenge and I had a bit of a haphazard start, admittedly. The first two days went great. The first day, I put little notes in my husband and daughter’s computer screens to say I love them.

Then the second day, I treated myself to some “me time”. After that, it slipped my mind. But, in honor of being kind to myself, I am going to take a moment here to reflect on all the ways that I have been kind this week with or without the prompts provided by this challenge:

  • I posted several cute kitty videos on my FB feed. They might not seem like much, but they brighten my day so I wanted to share them with others.
  • I made my daughter mini cheesecakes for her birthday. I also helped her host a sleepover.
  • I made several new dishes for dinners this week. I even cleaned up the kitchen afterwards. One particular dish was very well-liked.
  • I cleaned up our patio area and made it pretty again. For me, mostly, but also for anyone who walks by.
  • I commented on several people’s blogs throughout the week.
  • I cleaned up stuff around our yard.
  • I cleaned the tub, which is a gross job that no one likes to do. I didn’t tell anyone I did it. (Except you guys.)
  • I reached out to a friend I haven’t seen for a while and made plans to connect.
  • I hired a guy to help me with my Spanish. It feels good to be helping him while he is helping me! Win-win!

Here’s my kitty video for you…

Well, that’s my list for the week. What did you do this week that was kind? Tell us in the comments! I bet if you think about it, you can come up with a lot! If you want some inspiration, check out this week’s Kindness Challenge participants at The Richness of a Simple Life


  1. I didn’t realize, until after I posted this, that the first week was to be kind to ourselves! I will have to take that on…

    • Hi Amy, no worries! If you want to, you can start this week over and focus on being kind to yourself. We will be focusing on extending kindness to others as the challenge goes on. There are others that have just found the challenge and some that are giving this week another try. Do what you feel lead to, I just wanted to offer that option to you as this is the 1 week that’s for you specifically 🙂 I’m so glad that you’re taking part in the challenge! 🙂

  2. I have never thought about cooking for my family or cleaning being a kindness. But I suppose their life would not be as easy, nor would they feel as loved if I didn’t.
    I try to be kind to those in traffic around me every day on my commute, especially by letting people into the roadway. I stop my work many times in a day to answer a question for others or help them solve some issue.
    Nice reflecting with you for a while!
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead
    Barbara In Caneyhead recently posted…I Saw it on FacebookMy Profile

  3. I like this challenge. I’m going to check out the site and mabye join you. I love ya girl!
    Kimberly Jewell recently posted…Day 255 – Supertaster Kale and Sausage ‘Pizza’My Profile

  4. I am very intrigued with this ‘kindness’ challenge and am looking forward to reading your future posts!!
    Elda recently posted…On The Other HandMy Profile

  5. How lovely! I do try to add a little “kindness” to everyday. I especially love extending that to total strangers. I once told the gal at the walmart checkout that she had a beautiful face. She blushed and smiled so big….told me I had just ‘made her day’…..and that…made mine!
    Debbie Goode recently posted…Morgan HillMy Profile

  6. I love your post, your list, and ALL the comments!

    I especially love the video. So will my daughter, who adopted her long-awaited barn kitten, Amelia, yesterday. Right now, I’m being kind by keeping things quiet so she can nap -they say new mothers should sleep when baby does, right? =)

    I’ll be coming back eventually to read your A-Z posts!

  7. I keep thinking of you and your cleaned up patio. If I remember correctly you did it and then you had another wintery spell. I do hope you’re getting to enjoy it. Wishing you kindness for yourself always!
    Deborah Weber recently posted…#Weekend Coffee Share: 5/28/2016My Profile

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