T Stands for Tuesday: A Peek into My Morning

Good morning, everyone.

This morning, I am catching up with my blogging community and I came across this post by my friend, Deborah Weber. In it, she mentioned a T Stands for Tuesday challenge (with Mr. Linky – who doesn’t love those?) where people are sharing what seems to be a bit about their food life… or their tea. Not sure which. So just a quick hello, to join in, and a photo of my morning coffee. Hi there, Owl Mug… my daughter gave me that mug for my birthday one year. It’s a favorite. I love owls.


Coffee: A heavier blend – the thicker the better but DECAF and tempered with soy creamer and sweetened with stevia. Every morning must start with a cup of this.

Behind it is my box of cheat. Love those, but trying to eat less of them – them being all things with added sugar and low nutritional impact. Must remember to remove them from easy arm’s reach while sitting on the couch. They’ve been there a few days and it shows.  Also behind the mug are my sweet little alphabet stamps, bought at Michael’s in the dollar bin. How can they only charge me a dollar for something that clearly took some time and effort to create? I turned out a winner on that one in the end, surely.

Gotta go meet some new bloggers. Have a great HUMP DAY everyone… and to that, I will also share this photo – taken from a page-a-day calendar I got one year from the Awkward Family Photos collections. (Are there ever a finite number of awkward family photos?) So happy I could share it with you.



  1. (insert camel voice here) Huuuuummmp Daaaayyyyy!

    Guess great minds Tao, bird, and coffee alike. ‘cept I still roll with the caffinated version. After years of working in a hospital, a large mug in the morning IS relatively de-caffed. No sugar or stevia, just a big dollop of unsweetened almond milk, maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon in the winter.

    I like owls too, they must be very Tao-oriented feathered friends.

    Rainy, thundery morning here. Puts me in writer / tinker fairy mode, the latter being the urge to work on handcrafting holiday gifts. Green dress and wings optional.

    Enjoy your cozy sounding morning 😀

    • Oooh, holiday gifts. Hmmm.. MUST get started on those earlier this year! Last year was a bit of a frenzy. Thanks for the reminder, my friend in Tao.

  2. welcome, welcome to T Stands for Tuesday!! So glad to have you join in the fun. LOVE your owl mug- I have always loved owls too (and USED TO collect them)The calendar photo is too funny. I LOVE that hump day commercial and could never tire of it!

    • Hi Linda,

      Yes, my Tuesday post ran into Wednesday but it was before 7 AM so it counts. Owls are just cool. I was so glad when they became cool to others as well.

  3. I think your mug is wonderful and the wee alphabet stamp was a fine bargain to come across. I like black coffee (pref de-caf) with stevia, or tea with or without the tiniest drop of milk, depneding on the type of tea it is. 😀
    TwinkleToes 2day recently posted…T Stands for Tea on TuesdayMy Profile

  4. Oh, your owl mug! Perfect for morning coffee. Those eyes would wake me up for sure lol

  5. Love your mug. I had a similar one years ago…just right for hot chocolate and maybe some peanut butter m&ms. I cannot get those in the UK but I have a friend in US who knows my tipple and sends me some RAK!
    As for your photo…ROFPML!!
    Thanks for visiting.

    • Oh yes! I missed Reese’s Peanut Butter cups so much when I lived in England that I asked my Mom to bring me some when she visited! They are so good! Funny thing is, I don’t even eat them much normally!

  6. Love your owl mug – what a wise companion to share your morning java with. And I can’t tell you how many things I’ve stamped with my set of wonderful little alpha stamps. Fun to peek into your morning Amy!

  7. Good to hear about your morning. It’s Winter in Sydey, Australia and we have had torrential rain after a dry Winter. We are all cold, which means 9-18 degrees! Roll on Spring and warm weather. I can’t wait to start swimming again!
    Sherry Marshall recently posted…Love, Simplicity and Nature on TwitterMy Profile

    • Oh yes! I just love hearing about how its going on the other side of the planet. Just a wee little ball we live on! 🙂 Spring is on its way!

  8. Welcome to T Stands for Tuesday!
    Your owl mug certainly is great and who can resist sweet treats (not me!)

    Awkward hump day indeed LOL

    hope to see you again

  9. Welcome to T Stands For Tuesday, even though it’s nearly Thursday. I’m the T host, but you wouldn’t know it because I’ve been offlline most of the the past two days. For that I apologize. I would have been here sooner, had I not had so many commitments.

    Your owl mug is awesome. And are those ginger snaps? I love ginger snaps.

    I was looking at your stamps before I read your message and wondered if they were. When I saw you got them at Michael’s, I realized they were the exact same set I got. Like you, I was blown away by the price.

    Again, welcome. Don’t let my absenteeism today keep you away. We really would love for you to come back again and again!
    Bleubeard and Elizabeth recently posted…T Stands For LeMondeMy Profile

    • Thanks for hosting such a cool group, Elizabeth… (Or is it Bluebeard? 😉 ) I posted a link to your group on a FB blogging group that both Deborah Weber and I are part of called Inspired Blogging. It is hosted by a friend of mine, Michele Bergh, and is full of artists and fun people just like your group. Deborah is always an amazing connector of great things! Don’t worry about being absent. I am absent a lot so I think nothing of it. Two days is NOTHING! 😉

  10. I love that mug! If I had one, I’d have no chance keeping it, the kids will all want it, too, so better look at the photo 🙂 Your calendar page put a smile on my face – I read your description before looking at the picture, and I’ll have to say the picture was totally not what I expected.
    Tat recently posted…Grateful for booksMy Profile

  11. LOVE ! the owl mug!!!! The picture you shared is so funny!!! As a multi pet household I can totally relate 🙂 Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week!!!
    Carol Samsel recently posted…August heART — August 20, 2014My Profile

    • Yeah, we used to have a cat and a dog in our house when I was a kid. A siamese cat and a poodle. We lived in a ranch house so they used to chase each other from one end of the house to the other!

  12. Happy you joined us for T Tuesdays, always an interesting variety of posts there. Your owl mug is cute. I haven’t been to Michaels in ages, the stamp set makes me think I should give them a visit.

    Darla recently posted…Tea stands for Tuesday 8/18/14My Profile

  13. Amy, What fun, maybe I will join you on a coming T-Tuesday! No coffee for this girl, have never acquired the taste. Ginger snaps, on the other hand . . . Have a good week!
    Janet recently posted…A Bigger PictureMy Profile

  14. Love this little glimpse into your morning. The mug is a hoot! LOL

  15. I love owls for some reason too. Lovely to see what you’re up to!
    Naomi recently posted…Same tour, different itineraryMy Profile

  16. My sister is a huge fan of owls as well. She has them all throughout her house. I like to see them in the wild. Shall never forget going to see the very first Harry Potter with my kids and then returning home to walk the dog with them in the forest. Lo and behold not five minutes in we spotted a huge owl sitting calmly on a tree branch, six feet up. We watched each other for a good ten minutes. Of course we wondered where he/she would be making a mail delivery a la Harry. So cool. Never saw one there again.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Our Legacies In 6 WordsMy Profile

    • Yeah, I want an owl for my mail. It would be much preferred to a mail person who delivers me my neighbors mail. I am certain that owls would be much wiser than that. 😉

  17. A friend of mine by the name Owl surely love this cup.

    He’s a big fan of coffee with milk and cream.

    Thank you

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