A Higher Level of Being

Reflections on Chapter 47 of the Tao Te Ching:

Japanese Garden

One can understand the world
without stepping out the door.

One can understand Heaven
without looking out the window.

The further one goes,
the less they know.

The sage knows without moving,
understands without seeing,
and acts without doing.

People are always looking outside themselves for answers.

The answers aren’t out there. It is all comes down to source. Source is within everyone always. You are divinity. There is no need to go to another source – God, Allah, Shiva, Buddha, whatever you call it – there is no need to go to another place to understand everything.

Our so-called developed nations, it’s kind of a joke really.

We are so evolved. We are developed in a sense that we have added many layers of junk onto our spirits. It’s almost as if we can’t really even see what’s underneath the surface anymore. Our true identity is so hidden beneath all the stuff that we know, all the specializations and the intelligence that we’ve developed in certain areas. The tribal cultures often understand this and choose differently.

All that is just stuff.

It’s fun stuff, we love it. Our mind loves it. That’s the thing that gets us sometimes. Our mind loves it so much that we get wrapped up in it. We get lost. We can’t remember our breath. It gets us so tangled up, it’s messy. There’s so much information and it is just distracting.

We forget who we really are.

This chapter is about bringing us back inside, to this different space inside. It’s about loving who you are inside. Simple. Resting and meditating. Bringing those simple things back into your life and creating the space for that. You can develop your life, you can create the space where you have the quiet.

Even if you have a busy crazy life,
you can still carve out that space.

It is even more important to do so if your life seems busy! Take time within your space. That is the trick if you are living in a crazy busy world. Slow things down in the sense of keeping things very simple. It gives your brain that relaxation it needs.

There are higher levels of consciousness that are accessed
through meditative states.

It is about having that ability to get quiet enough that we can access those domains. We are so busy and rushing around that we are staying in that lower level of energy. Ultimately, we want to develop that ability to go higher. So take some time this week to breathe and relax. Your body needs it. Your spirit needs it. You need it!

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  1. A great reminder to look within to solve challenges coming at us from without. So much achievement emphasis these days is focused on what we get instead of what we become. I chuckle and shake my head at the same time with this vision board craze and other similar teachings on how to achieve happiness through visualization because the emphasis is often on accumulating material possessions (Denis Waitley has it right on using this technique for more meaningful achievement). Rarely do I see rich people who now have all the trimmings of wealth who are happy. Instead they’re more stressed trying to maintain a lifestyle and the associated costs. Most wealthy people I know aren’t interested in showing it.
    Nanette Levin recently posted…Marketing strategies are useless without peopleMy Profile

    • Have you ever read The Art of Non-Conformity, Nanette? Chris Guillebeau, the author, holds a conference every year called The World Domination Tour. His big thing is that you should aim to leave a legacy. I love that. He asks us, “What is your legacy?” I want to leave a legacy… not just for my children, but for lots of people. I think that we are all meant to do that. When you live big, the money is just a sidenote. It becomes about something else then. Something more important. We all kinda know that the money loses its importance when you come down with cancer or your spouse or parents pass away. At least I hope it does! lol… I guess that isn’t always the case, but one would hope.

  2. Such a great reminder of the importance of looking within rather than outside of us for answers. It doesn’t matter how busy we are, we can always make time for this. Thank you:)
    Michele Bergh recently posted…Prosperity is Bloomin’ for Jenny MaroneyMy Profile

  3. My busy head, ego loves to argue with my need to meditate. I know a part of me is also fearful and/or resistant of this big time. A few years back I used to meditate with ease. I felt fearless. Now it seems that I just give myself permission to not stop to quiet my mind. Imagine, who in their right mind would not want higher levels of consciousness. That is the exact thing that I so wish, but it’s also the exact thing that I so resist. This I believe also is what helps us discover who we truly are. Thank you so much for this beautiful post.
    Suzanne McRae recently posted…Take a peek in my Etsy shop… my latest addition for Christmas!My Profile

    • Ha! I struggle with it too. I do this work because I need it. I write stuff and I say, “Yeah. I need to do that.” and then I do that. This writing, for me, is cathartic processing. I am a piece of my own artwork! I just keep working on myself. One thing that I am getting better at is letting go of yesterday and moving forward. This has helped me so much in my process.

  4. Bringing myself back inside is one of those things we must be remembered all the time. It can be somewhat scary but it’s so necessary it you want to be honest with yourself. Some of us take an alternative route – like trying to understand your sleeping dreams – but is the same destination. Thanks for the reminder, Amy

    • Dreams are such a great way to explore yourself, I think. If you can find patterns in how you deal with the little (and big!) challenges of life, that is what it is all about. Becoming conscious of your patterns and then deciding which ones you want to keep as “who you are” and which patterns no longer serve you. Dreams can be a great way to discover that.

  5. Amy, I’m just so struck by the photo. Do you see how you can see more of the building in its reflection, than of the building itself? Maybe I’m stretching, but it sure seems to match the message of (inner) reflection enhancing one’s vision. Blessings!
    Janet recently posted…Creative – Spiritual CookiesMy Profile

    • I have always thought of Japanese gardens as places of reflection. Cool about the reflection point. I had not really thought of it like that.

  6. Oh yesssssss! Big exhale. I have a frantic to-do list for an upcoming art show , running around crazy making list and you have reminded me that it doesn’t have to be like that. Right here, right now, I have the peaceful space inside. Thank you!
    Susan recently posted…I See PeopleMy Profile

  7. Hi Amy.
    I just posted on Twitter. ‘You don’t have to travel to find your true self. Just look inside.’ Then I saw your post here!
    I wanted to let you know that I have gone back to the start and have posted my commentary on Chapter 1 and 2 on my website blog. I still can’t make out
    Mr Linky! despite your email, but have put your name and website on each of my blogs.
    So I am a bit behind, but of course there is no behind or in front!
    Thank you for being such a wonderful role model that I realised I could actually do this. I am totally enjoying it and it doesn’t matter what age we are! We can start a new creative project and contribute to others.
    Sherry Marshall recently posted…The Timeless Tao TodayMy Profile

    • That is so exciting, Sherry! Glad to have you in the mix. If you want to easily find the Tao Tuesdays posts, just look on the List of All Chapters paged linked at the top of my blog. Some chapters might not be set up with the Mr. Linky correctly, but most of them are. All you do is add your name and then paste a link to the page that has that chapter on it so that people can find it.

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