49 – The Childlike Mind

cc image by ghindo on Flickr

cc image by ghindo on Flickr

The sage does not set her mind.
Instead she holds the mind of the people.

She is kind to the kind and unkind alike,
because virtue is kind.

She trusts the truthful and not truthful alike,
because virtue is truthful.

A sage lives in harmony with everything around her,
and everything around her sees her as a child.


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  1. Another good post, Amy.
    Nanette Levin recently posted…Looking at the long term with personal sellingMy Profile

  2. A really lovely post Amy, I was thinking of you know who when I read it.
    Athena Brady recently posted…A snapshot of Marilyn Monroe, a dumb blonde or an insightful, intelligent, spiritual, young victim?My Profile

    • Awww. That is so sweet, Athena! I also would love for you to think of YOU when you read it! We are all sages, deep down inside. Thanks for reading!

  3. Wow Amy! This is most impressive. I studied under Dr. Dyer in the mid 80’s. Seems like an eternity ago now. Put me on a wonderful life path though. I can’t wait to see what all you continue to come up with!
    Thank you for your comment on the blog. And for your very good recommendations. I have been working the decluttering workshop – on week 2 now … thank goodness for synergy! šŸ˜‰ I cannot tell you how excited I am to minimize and simplify the whole enchilada!
    Peace to you, Amy
    and blessings

    • That is great, Cheri! Thanks for stopping by and participating! Yes, Wayne Dyer is one of my favs. He has written many many books! I haven’t even read them all!

  4. Harmony makes us see things like a child and makes us look like a child. Beautiful Amy, thanks.
    Gustavo recently posted…In my dreams (exploration update)My Profile

    • I was thinking of your post last night, Gustavo! I did it again! I had a dream and waited “til morning” to write it down and it disappeared. You will see more of me!

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