50 – The One True Life

cc image by wwarby on Flickr

cc image by wwarby on Flickr

We appear with life
and we disappear with death.

For every ten lives,
three pursue life,
three pursue death,
and three just pass between the two.

Truthfully, they live too heavily.

I have heard it said,
the one with a complete life –
does not fear encounters with wild animals,
and needs no armor in battle.

The rhinoceros has no place
to thrust its horn,
and the tiger has no place
to sink its claws.
Soldiers have nowhere
to pierce their blade.

The complete life is without death
because death has nowhere to land.


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  1. Awesome and thought provoking, thanks! Following you from SITS Saturday sharefest.
    Carolina recently posted…Bloggy Moms Writer’s workshop…streaming words.My Profile

  2. I love this one Amy. To me it says live in the moment, live without fear of life or death and nothing negative will pursue you.

    Thank you for another moment of serenity.
    Julia Neiman recently posted…Become An Inspiring LeaderMy Profile

  3. Wonderful post-living in the moment- living in the present leaves no room for death or any of its fears. thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more posts!
    Marilyn Schendel recently posted…Welcome to Our RelaunchMy Profile

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