55 – The Energy of a Baby

One who possesses virtue
can be compared to a newborn child.

Hornets will not sting,
snakes will not bite,
wild animals will not pounce,
bird of prey will not attack.

Her bones are flexible
and her muscles are soft,
yet her grip is firm.

She has not experienced the union
of woman and man,
yet she is perfectly aroused.
Her life force is strong indeed!

To the end of days,
she screams and cries –
yet her young voice does not grow hoarse.
Her natural harmony
is completely in balance.

To perceive this harmony
is to be in tune with the eternal.

To know the eternal
is called enlightenment.

To improve one’s vitality
is one of life’s blessings.

Too much thinking can drain your strength
and exhaust your energy.

This is not Tao.
What is not Tao always comes to an end.


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  1. Even without your commentary, Amy, I felt compelled to post a response here. It took me a long time to learn to quiet my mind. I’m no where near the Tao ideal, but get it. I’m fortunate to have a lot of land, nature and wildlife to do this here, but it can sometimes be a struggle, even so. Still, there’s something so liberating, powerful and peaceful about being able to let the mind go blank with intent. Going there gives me so much more energy, creative and clarity. Thanks for the reminder to put meditation and reflection back into daily rituals.
    Nanette Levin recently posted…Do you fly or fall into business success?My Profile

    • Sweet, Nanette! My husband and I are hoping to buy our own bit of foresty land to hang out on sometime in the next couple of years. That is such a wonderful way to retreat. Your ears must be ringing. I was just working on your article this morning. Very fun!

  2. Hi Amy,

    I’m so happy we’ve connected. The Law of Attraction in action! I love your translation of this passage. I’m writing about the 81 passages in ‘random’ order, and haven’t gotten to this one yet. It will be interesting to compare interpretations. I look forward to corresponding with you, and to a nourishing friendship!


    Mary Carol
    mary carol moran recently posted…Can We Live in a Practical Utopia?My Profile

    • Welcome, Mary Carol! Sorry I called you Carol on your comments. I am so glad you stopped by! I have been poking around and found some great resources on Taoism so I might just have to do a link post to collect them all! (Including yours, of course!)

      It was so fun to find you. Mine seem to be in random order, but I am actually doing two sets. One is the original translations (this one) and I am bit more behind on the essays, but catching up quickly! My goal is to have the entire book translated during the year 2012, so I have it all mapped out by days so it finishes on December 31st. Next year, I will probably publish the basic book, but since I started this there are so many things that have come up as potential projects around this topic. It is really fun to explore and meet great souls doing it!

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