56 – The Highest State of Humankind

cc image by daz smith on Flickr

cc image by daz smith on Flickr

Those who know, do not speak.
Those who speak, do not know.

Close your mouth.
Shut the gates.
Be soft.
Untangle your knots.
Soften your brilliance.
Become one with the dust.

This is the profound union.

No one can get close to you,
yet they cannot be distant either.
No one can help or harm you.
No one can honor or disgrace you.

Thus you achieve the highest state of humankind.


Read the essay on Chapter 56


  1. This is a great one, Amy – especially the first two lines. So true! It always amazes me that braggarts think they’re impressing others. The message toward the end of being all you are from within really resonates with me too. Other people live in their own realms and can only affect you to the extent you assign your personal interpretations to actions – which are subjective and lacking. At least that’s how I interpret this text – but, of course, I’m no scholar. Regardless, it’s a great message to ponder.
    Nanette Levin recently posted…Marketing strategies to keep in mind when vetting vendors – 9 quick tipsMy Profile

    • I love that, Nanette…

      “Other people live in their own realms and can only affect you to the extent you assign your personal interpretations to actions – which are subjective and lacking.”

      That is great. This is so true and an excellent point. So good to remember this when we are feeling that someone has wronged us, especially.

      It was fun to look at the chapter for today and see those two famous lines. How many times have I heard those throughout my lifetime? How many times have I said them? Impossible to count.

  2. The first line totally got me in my heart Amy. My immediate thought went my son who has autism…

    ‘Those who know, do not speak’

    My son has some words and some language skills but certainly does not communicate a whole lot like we all do. His understanding is limited, yet I feel he knows so much more than I ever will. I have not figured out an easy way to explain it yet. I also know that he is filled with wisdom that he cannot speak in words for me to hear. I am having to find different ways of connecting with him in order to learn what he’s trying to teach me. I’m not having to teach him a whole lot… he came here to teach me. I truly believe that children with autism (and probably others also with special needs) came here to help us all awaken and ‘achieve the highest state of humankind’.

    This was a profound message for me today. Thank you so much for sharing. xo
    Suzanne McRae recently posted…The ritual of cleansing our spaceMy Profile

    • Your stories of your son are so touching, Suzanne. It makes me so happy that these words are helping you to find a way to express what you know is present in your son. Words are such a small part of our language. It is people like your son that are teaching all of us with their presence. Thanks so much for sharing your stories. I look forward to hearing more about him as time goes on.

      • Thank you Amy for gifting me with so many opportunities through your work and writing to connect to what it is that I need to hear so I can better understand my son and myself. For sure there will be more stories as I figure out where to start sharing them. Thank you for your support with your kind words they mean a lot to me. 🙂
        Suzanne McRae recently posted…The ritual of cleansing our spaceMy Profile

  3. I am the quiet, introverted type. I love being quiet. I have found that meditating on this also helps me get even more quiet in my mind. Really loved these lines.
    Anneri recently posted…Taking care of myself means taking care of my daughterMy Profile

    • Hi Anneri,

      Welcome to my blog! I love quiet people. I would like to be quieter! lol… I am working on it, though. This text really has me thinking about a lot of things this year too. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  4. I found myself reading this with a slow, gentle exhale, Amy, my whole body relaxing. A message I need to keep close to my heart right now as the emotions of presidential politics become more heated.

    Thank you!
    Susan recently posted…A Matter of DirectionMy Profile

  5. So easy to read and simple to understand, yet difficult for us to actually do in our daily lives. It was a good reminder and something to definitely work towards.
    Sue recently posted…BlissfulnessMy Profile

  6. Oh I love this one. In the silence amazing things happen. Sometimes that’s all it takes to gain clarity and focus and peace. Thank you, Amy.
    Michele Bergh recently posted…The Power of Language – If, When, AsMy Profile

    • I have been practicing this in my life as well. I have decided to use my waiting time for gaining inner peace. If I am waiting for something, I am trying to be conscious of my breath, my thoughts. Just getting quiet in the waiting. It is so nice that I wonder why I haven’t thought of it sooner!

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