57 – The Key to Simplicity

Bamboo raft at the Ulong river near Yangshuo, Guanxi province, China

Bamboo raft at the Ulong river near Yangshuo, Guanxi province, China

Be straightforward when leading people,
but be surprising in battle.
Do not interfere in the world
and things will take care of themselves.

How do I know this?

By this –

As the world gets more restrictive,
the people become poorer.
As the weapons get sharper,
the people become more troubled.
As the people get more skilled,
things get more complicated.
As more rules are created,
there are more criminals to break them.

Therefore, the sage says:

Do nothing
and the people will naturally
transform themselves.

Prefer quiet
and the people will naturally
settle themselves.

Do not meddle
and the people will naturally

Do not desire
and the people will naturally
return to simplicity.


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  1. This speaks to me Amy. I used to be very politically active, however, in recent years I’ve come to realize that it really doesn’t matter. It isn’t that I care any less, I care deeply about people and our planet. It’s just that I’ve realized that the one thing I can do to have impact is live my own life and create the reality I dream of in my own world, thereby making it reality at least for me. Everyone else has their own experience. If enough of us are being positive in our own lives, then we are creating a higher vibration on the planet which will make transformation possible.
    Julia Neiman recently posted…Life Fulfillment Reality CheckMy Profile

    • There is a lot of politics in this book, I would agree. It was written during a time when there was a lot of really bad leadership going on and people were always at war with each other, so I can understand it. I agree that you need to manage your own life and that is a really good thing to do that. I think that if you do that much, you are helping the world tremendously!

  2. This one came at such the right time for me. I really loved reading it the day before September 11th. I was thinking about what I can really do to help with peace. Again, I’m reminded to be peaceful myself first πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your beautiful take above πŸ™‚
    Lisa Marie recently posted…Luscious Life Lessons from Luscious LadiesMy Profile

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