59 – Virtuous Moderation

Tending the Fields


When managing people and serving Heaven,
nothing is better than moderation.

True moderation is based on early habits.
Early habits develop strong virtue.
Strong virtue means you can overcome any difficulties.
Overcoming any difficulties means no limitations.

Without limits one can maintain a nation.
The source of one’s virtue can help nations to endure.

This is called deep roots and a firm foundation –
the path of Tao.


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  1. I was fortunate to have a lot of strong women in my family and I’ve always thought that being a woman doesn’t mean doing things or acting like a man. I thought your post hit on that wonderfully.

    • Yes, thanks. Not sure if you are aware of this but all of my verses are written in a woman’s “voice”. I could have gone for the politically correct solution of doing part she, part he and then decided… “Nah… time to flip this one on its head and see what happens!”

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