67 – The Three Treasures of the Spirit

A couple holds hands in a park

The world says these teachings of the Tao
are great, unlike anything else.

It is because of this uniqueness, that it is great.

If it were like everything else,
it would have disappeared long ago.

I have three treasures that I hold dear –

The first is called love.
The second is called simplicity.
The third is called humility.

With love, one has the power to be brave.
With simplicity, one can afford to be generous.
With humility, one can let others be first.

Therefore, one can develop to one’s true potential.

If you disregard love and remain brave,
if you shun simplicity and are wasteful,
if you try to get ahead of others,
it is surely fatal.

If you fight a battle with love, you will conquer.
In defense, you will be impenetrable.
Heaven protects and guards
those who live the principle of love.


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  1. Three wonderful qualities to live by Amy. For some reason, simplicity is speaking to me today. This is the second post in a row I’ve read that talks about simplicity. It is my experience of Tao Te Ching that in it’s simplistic way, it tells us to just be, be receptive, be open to flow and connect with the vibration of love in the universe.

    I apologize for being late getting this Liebster Award notice up on your site. Don’t ask – it’s been anything but simple.

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    Now you can snag an award graphic here: http://julianeiman.com/the-liebster-award/. I’m providing several options for the award graphic which I found via Google. There are more if you prefer to find another.

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