72 – Love Your Life


When people are not expecting it,
disaster happens.

Do not reduce your life.
Do not dislike your choices in life.

When you appreciate your life fully,
it never grow weary.

The sage understands herself
but never shows arrogance.

She takes care of herself
but does not distinguish herself.

She therefore leaves the outer dwelling
for the dwelling within.


  1. I always get a lot out of your posts, Amy, but this one really resonated with me. It warmed my spirit so much that it’s now making its way into my journal tonight! (As a piece, so I know where it came from.)
    Susan recently posted…What’s New with You?My Profile

  2. “When you appreciate your life fully, it never grow weary”. So true. For me I am learning to remained balanced in the face of sometimes yet what at times might feel like yet another challenge sent my way. It’s not always easy. But I find myself at such a different place with this in my life than I ever was… comparing one thing that was so difficult for me and from which I have learned so much, while yet being faced with one of similar magnitude from which I will continue to grow. Yet for the most part I am finding myself expressing thanks for all aspects of my life, through which incredible gifts and blessings have come. I am fully loving my life. Thank you for helping me see just how much so. xo
    Suzanne McRae recently posted…Etsy Sale – Black Friday to Cyber Monday!!My Profile

    • I think the tougher our lessons are, the more we have come here to learn. You would not be given such huge lessons if you were not equipped to handle them. It may help to remember that part of what you are here to teach others is your endurance and ability to withstand difficulties and come out the other side with an appreciation for the fight. We all impact others throughout our lives and when we are able to demonstrate this sort of strength, it changes the lives of everyone around us in subtle ways.

      • Thank you Amy for your words of wisdom. You have just helped me understand deeper into this and make sense of it more. At times I think that my challenges are just that for me to learn… and at times forget that it’s way bigger than that and how it is possible that we can impact others throughout our lives to help them on their own journey in some way. Blessings!
        Suzanne McRae recently posted…Etsy Sale – Black Friday to Cyber Monday!!My Profile

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