Tao Tuesdays: Chapter 3

I got this great photo at www.hetemeel.com!

I got this great photo at www.hetemeel.com!

Who needs Taco Tuesdays when you can have Tao Tuesdays?

I am sure that Einstein would have really loved this…

Here is How it Works

I will post a chapter of the Tao Te Ching each Tuesday.  (My version – you can see all of the chapters on my List of Chapters page if you want to work ahead!) I will put a Mr. Linky entry form with it so that you can write your OWN commentary to the chapter on your own blog and then come back here after you post and add your link! Simple! (Please add the DIRECT link to your post about that particular chapter to make it easy for our readers!)

I am so excited to read what you wrote! It has been so fun for me to work with this material and I really got the depth when I started writing about it. It is my wish that you will find the same! (Plus some extra traffic to your blog!)

Don’t worry if you miss a week. Don’t worry if you just join us now and again. It is totally open. You can even go back to a previous chapter and post there. I will add each Tao Tuesday entry post to the List of Chapters page so you can read the other entries as you are reviewing all of the chapters.

We are all sages.

Chapter 3 

Placing one woman above another
encourages competition.

Collecting rare things causes theft.
Openly displaying valuable possessions
causes desire and disturbs the mind.

The sage eases people’s hearts
by reinforcing one’s true center,

Weakening ambition
And strengthening character.

The sage encourages people to live simply
without desire and to support each other.

By practicing non-action and non-doing,
All will be at peace.



  1. mark schreiber

    In the Taoist view, individuals who are materially oriented—who identify themselves with their possessions—have no real purpose in the universe other than moving matter from place to place…Materially oriented individuals cannot evolve intellectually because their attachment to and hoarding of matter trains the mind to view reality as fixed and unflowing. This view is in harmony with dying, not growth. Those who follow the Tao realize that they are in a more powerful position when they are mobile, unburdened and independent.

    • I believe that we are all challenged by this oscillating back and forth between being materially oriented and spiritually oriented. We are all dying… 🙂

  2. Competition is a joyful expression for the human spirit. When it devolves to dislike, hate and greed it leaves the playfulness of sport. We should encourage our competition; they are our peers, ourselves.
    Pat Helmers recently posted…Accepting ProblemsMy Profile

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