Tao Tuesdays: Chapter 62

I got this great photo at www.hetemeel.com!
I got this great photo at www.hetemeel.com!

Who needs Taco Tuesdays when you can have Tao Tuesdays? I am sure that Einstein would have really loved this…

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I will post a chapter of the Tao Te Ching each Tuesday.  (My version – you can see all of the chapters on my List of Chapters page if you want to work ahead!) I will put a Mr. Linky entry form with it so that you can write your OWN commentary to the chapter on your own blog and then come back here after you post and add your link! Simple! (Please add the DIRECT link to your post about that particular chapter to make it easy for our readers!) I am so excited to read what you wrote! It has been so fun for me to work with this material and I really got the depth when I started writing about it. It is my wish that you will find the same! (Plus some extra traffic to your blog!) Don’t worry if you miss a week. Don’t worry if you just join us now and again. It is totally open. You can even go back to a previous chapter and post there. I will add each Tao Tuesday entry post to the List of Chapters page so you can read the other entries as you are reviewing all of the chapters.

We are all sages.

Chapter 62

Tao is the secret treasure of the Ten Thousand Things.

To those who are awake, it is a treasure.
To those who are asleep, it is protection.

Beautiful words inspire honor,
Beautiful deeds inspire respect.

Why abandon a woman for straying from her path?

When crowning a queen with her three advisors,
rather than offer her priceless jade
followed by a team of four horses,
is it not better to calmly offer her the Tao?

The Tao has been honored by the ancients
for centuries.

Has it not been said that those who have made mistakes
shall be forgiven?

For this reason, the Tao is our greatest treasure.


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If you haven’t participated yet, why not join us next week? We will be looking at Chapter 63 next week. Or, you can always start at the beginning and do the earlier ones. They are all linked up on the List of All Chapters page so they do get looked at later on by people stopping by.


  1. John Kajiwara-Arnold

    Wow Amy, your words & thoughts are so precious to me today!

    My dear wife recently suffered her first seizure that shut off her heart. Was in hospital 5 days, discharged and it happened again a week later. Discharged again. Traumatic sleigh rides are not my specialty!

    In the midst of the 2nd bout, a well meaning family member made some

    • John Kajiwara-Arnold

      Sorry trying to figure out smart phones…
      Anyway, they made comments that (i felt) were very judgemental and highly insensitive about my wife’s lack of “faith”. I held my tongue until that comment and snapped. What the #*@**’s wrong with these people! I tried to make diverting comments but the family member had zeroed in on my “apostasy” and was trying to pin all this on me.

      I was fuming at the insensitivity and just lack of common sense and tact. I was trying to let it go but not before making some huge negative judgements about their religion.

      So, realizing they are on their own path, I forgive them and offer them love & light. I separate them from their toxic behavior and am glad to live in the treasure house of the Tao!

      • First, I left a link for my thoughts on Chapter 62.

        I then read John’s comments. I don’t know John, but what he said did “strike a chord.” A few days ago I learned that an old and dear friend of mine who lives in another state is suffering with an advanced stage cancer. She has chosen to avoid surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and try to find healing through methods she feels are more natural.

        I have mentioned her situation to a few others, and more than I would expect responded judgmentally, commenting that simply turning her back on allopathic treatments was the wrong thing to do. I am generally distrustful of drugs and surgeries and such, but even I began to wonder whether it was a mistake for her to exclude a whole area of treatment possibilities.

        I know this is different from John’s situation. The common point, though, is that for many – probably most – people there is a need to place some blame when a problem arises. This seems especially true when the problem is life-threatening. It shouldn’t be that way, but John seems to have a good attitude for coping with an unfortunate circumstance.

        As for me, like Paul Simon says, when something goes wrong I’m the first to admit it, but the last one to know.
        Louis Weltzer recently posted…CHAPTER 67 – THREE TREASURESMy Profile

      • That’s amazing, John. I always love it when we have an opportunity to practice what we are learning with this work. We all have our own path and many of us (myself included at times) make the mistake of assuming that others should take the same path as we do. It doesn’t work like that. How wise of you to see that. We all have our own path and there is just no way to determine from our limited standpoint (meaning, NOT being them) that we really know what they should do. This goes both ways. They don’t know what our right path is, either. Best if we just forego judgement altogether and let each other just BE. One good thing about being judged is that it is a good way to recognize this and remember that we don’t really like it much when we are judged.

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