Tao Tuesdays: Chapter 74

I got this great photo at www.hetemeel.com!
I got this great photo at www.hetemeel.com!

Who needs Taco Tuesdays when you can have Tao Tuesdays? I am sure that Einstein would have really loved this…

Here is How it Works

I will post a chapter of the Tao Te Ching each Tuesday.  (My version – you can see all of the chapters on my List of Chapters page if you want to work ahead!) I will put a Mr. Linky entry form with it so that you can write your OWN commentary to the chapter on your own blog and then come back here after you post and add your link! Simple! (Please add the DIRECT link to your post about that particular chapter to make it easy for our readers!) I am so excited to read what you wrote! It has been so fun for me to work with this material and I really got the depth when I started writing about it. It is my wish that you will find the same! (Plus some extra traffic to your blog!) Don’t worry if you miss a week. Don’t worry if you just join us now and again. It is totally open. You can even go back to a previous chapter and post there. I will add each Tao Tuesday entry post to the List of Chapters page so you can read the other entries as you are reviewing all of the chapters.

We are all sages.

Chapter 74

If people are not afraid of death,
how can they be threatened?

If people live in constant fear of death
and unlawful people are arrested and killed,
who would dare to  go against the law?

There is always a master executioner.

To take the place of the master executioner
is like borrowing the tools of the master craftsperson.

If you borrow the tools of the master craftsperson,
you are surely to cut your own hand.

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If you haven’t participated yet, why not join us next week? We will be looking at Chapter 75 next week. Or, you can always start at the beginning and do the earlier ones. They are all linked up on the List of All Chapters page so they do get looked at later on by people stopping by.


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  2. Wow, Amy! I love it when I make the time to swing by and participate in your Tao Tuesday. My mind is just awakened and enlivened. I feel so much better. Thank you. Thank you for consistently being available and being here for us.
    Liesl Garner recently posted…Balance – That Damned WordMy Profile

    • You are so welcome, Liesl. It’s been such a treat to be here, practicing these important life skills with all of you. Thank YOU for being brave and putting yourself out there in such a personal way. I love that you are joining us! I am working on updating the List of Chapters page to include all of the Tao Tuesdays. I am a bit behind! lol… But feel free to jump in anywhere. People are always reading that page and going through the chapters. I would love for them to have, not just my essay, but others like yours and Louis’s and Bob’s as well. That is what the Tao Tuesdays is all about! Be sure and check out some of Louis’s chapters. He spends a great deal of time researching and writing about each chapter – way more than I did! His friend, Bob, writes in Louis’s comments (these are posts in and of themselves) and if you click through to his links, he also has written about many of the chapters on his own blog (but he doesn’t link through on my Mr. Linky – my goal is to do that for him sometime so that people can read them. They are also wonderful!) It’s been a great project. Although technically it ends on January 6, 2015, it really never ends. Anyone can join at any time and write about the chapters. It’s a lot of fun.
      amy recently posted…Tao Tuesdays: Chapter 74My Profile

  3. Amy, I have added the link to my thoughts on this chapter in Mr. Linky.

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