The Origin of Valentine’s Day


I know that I am late to the party. Valentine’s Day is past us. But I was reading up on some material with stems and branches (hopefully more to come on that if I can ever get a good enough grasp of it to write a post or two…) and I came across an image in Hua Ching Ni’s I Ching book that connected this first month of the year (starting with the last new moon on February 8th, AKA Chinese New Year) with hexagram #11 of the I Ching.

If you remember hexagram #11 in the I Ching, it was about communion – the perfect merging of Heaven and Earth, Feminine and Masculine. The top half of the hexagram is Earth and the bottom half is Heaven. This hexagram represents the essence of Valentine’s Day.

Oh sure… Valentine’s Day did not originate from that, it was something about a patron saint and some bloody sacrificial ritual, right? Well, I beg to differ. If you look into the meaning of hexagram #11, which for thousands of years has represented this month of the year, I think you might agree.


  1. Thanks for the fun and funny alternative perspective, Amy. Yes, history does tend to repeat itself ;-).
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  2. The perfect merging of heaven and earth…..I much prefer to think of Valentine’s Day in that manner! What a lovely thought….thank you!

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