The Study of Awareness: Part 7

Sunrise at Lijiang River

This is part 7 of a series on Awareness. To read the other parts, please visit our Awareness Page.

This series on awareness is the first series in our Tao Te Ching Exploration Project. Throughout this project, we will be discussing some of the basic principles brought up throughout the Tao Te Ching. The principles we will cover are Awareness, Stillness, Discipline, Humility, Flexibility, Consistency, Connection, Service and Leadership. I am sure that there are many other principles that have been discussed throughout the text, but these are the nine topics that I am choosing to focus on over the next several months.

I relate to each principle by focusing our attention on each of the nine chakras, based on the Q’ero Shamans’ chakra system that is explained in depth in Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s book, Shaman, Healer, Sage. In this system, the chakras extend outside of our human form, which allow us to recognize our greater aspects of being. With nine chakras and nine disciplines, we will end up with 81 essays on living with the Tao in mind throughout every aspect of our being. (Since there are 81 chapters in the Tao Te Ching and nine is a completion number, I felt this was a fitting tribute.)

I hope that you are enjoying the series and will continue to explore with us throughout the rest of the project.


In most traditional chakra models,
the seventh chakra is the last chakra.

This is the last chakra in the human body, so most chakra models stop there. I am following the ancient Incan chakra model, as found in Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s wonderful book, Shaman, Healer, Sage. The seventh chakra is our connection to source. I think of it like plugging in a piece of electrical equipment. It’s our recharging chakra.

The Tao Te Ching teaches us
a lot about the source.

I think what the seventh chakra teaches us is to be aware of our source. The Tao Te Ching is all about being aware of the source.  What is interesting about the traditional chakra models is that they are all about the body. If we look at who we are, we are not the body. We just aren’t.  As we become aware of our source, we learn what we are not. The ancient Incan model helps us to look outside ourselves and realize that we are more than this body.

Who are we?

Most Christians in the U.S. are raised to believe there is a God “out there” somewhere. There is a God out there who isn’t me. He is out there and he is going to decide my fate. When I die, my body dies and what do I do? For many Americans, the thought of death is a very frightening proposition, especially if one has been raised to believe in Hell after death and a harsh judging God. Sadly, this causes many Christians to live in fear for most of their lives. It causes many Christians to lose their true connection to source because they do not believe that they are a part of source, part of God.

The seventh chakra, this God that is outside of me,
how do I connect to that?

Awareness is being conscious of your perceptions. Awareness is so basic. How do you know God? How does God feel to you? Whatever your determine your source to be, how does it feel? How does God taste? How does God smell? Notice the things in your world that speak to you of the source.

Maybe you just look at a flower and think,
“How is that even possible?”

I’ve been studying human anatomy lately as I am in the process of getting certified in Reflexology. I am also going through some body cleansing and learning about what it is that makes us tick and what is it that makes my body function well. I am so amazed by what a perfect machine the body is. It is so perfect. I look at my body, I am detached from it in the sense that I know that I am more than my body, but it is just so miraculous.  You look at a newborn baby and they are just so perfect. You look at puppies. So cute! You look at people. They are so unique and so complex!

Yet people are just living their lives
like it is nothing special.

The source inspires us to look bigger. If you think of yourself as just a human being, alone in the world, trying to live this life with all the pain and suffering that is there, you go through life and think, “What is it all for?”

What about the size 28 version of life?

What would that be like? So much bigger! We recently had the presidential elections in the U.S. When you think about a president… they are in charge of figuring out what is going on with an entire country. That is living big! lol… It is such a huge responsibility. The source has all that in spades. Here we are in our little minds, living our little lives, just going by day to day.

One thing that astounds me is how scientists are like, “We got this.”

Lol… No, no you really don’t! We have this tiny pinpoint scope of the world and there is just so much outside of that pinpoint scope of the world of what is possible! We need to trust our source and trust that there is some intelligence that is way beyond our own that is kind and loving, NOT SCARY.

The awareness of this means to pay attention to the signals.

How is source guiding you? How are you being led through this fabulous life? The Tao goes back to this again and again. Your mistakes and your failures are all part of the perfection. They are all part of everything that is going on. In our little tiny version of the world, we ask “Why is this happening?”  when something major goes wrong.  That is like looking at a tiny pin and saying, “Why is this tiny pin suffering?” when there is an entire field of pins! You can’t look at that little pin and worry about that little pin because there are so many variables that we can’t even scratch the surface of why!

We just can’t know.

It’s mind blowing. It is also very comforting. We don’t need to do this to ourselves. We don’t need to worry incessantly about minute things. As I am writing this, we recently had Hurricane Sandy in the U.S. A lot of people I work with live in that area and their lives were affected. As we were going through the storm and its aftermath, it was almost embarrassing to call them about anything work related because it was just so insignificant compared to what they were going through in their personal lives. It really made me realize how insignificant so many things are. When it comes down to it, what is important? They were safe, they were alive. It made me aware of how vulnerable we all are. Life can just go at any moment. Life can changing dramatically at the drop of a hat. Life is passing.

The upper chakras that we are going to be covering in the next few parts of the series – those are super charged! Who are we? The picture grows. We are not the body. You know that because when you look in an open casket at someone who has passed away, it is clearly not them. Who are we really? Yet the body is such an important part of who we are. This seventh chakra is our connection to that. The seventh chakra is about appreciating how miraculously and fabulously things happen in our lives and about all the parts we can’t know playing together and becoming one life.


What do you think? Please add your comments below!


  1. Great post. Love all that you’ve shared here. When I think of the seventh chakra, and what I share with others, is I know I’m connected to source when I’m in the flow of life and life is flowing. Those are the moments I look for…the ones I want to capture and clone…hold close to my heart and create more of every day.
    Michele Bergh recently posted…10 eBook and eCourse Tips to Help You Provide ValueMy Profile

    • Yes, paying attention to our energetic flow. That is brilliant. The crown of the head is where it all flows in and we must keep it clear and open!

  2. Great post, I can resonate completely. This became so apparent to me recently when I was worried about relatives after Hurricane Sandy.
    Athena Brady recently posted…Hurricane SandyMy Profile

  3. « …pinpoint scope of the world and there is just so much outside of that pinpoint scope of the world of what is possible! » So true; all our science and the knowledge comes from the same place: the memory, which is limited.

    One question, Amy: is this connection a physical one or is it of a spiritual kind? )I ask you this because it is very relevant to my research about dreams).

    • I forgot to mark the following box the first time, sorry.
      Gustavo recently posted…Can we find things in our dreams?My Profile

    • An interesting question, Gustavo. I think that there are elements of both physical and spiritual connection present. Physically, aren’t we all just part of the soup that is existence? Right? Definitely spiritually connected. So, yes, I guess both in my opinion.

      The thing about science is that it requires things to be proven before belief can be dispensed. We all know of things that have been in our experience that fall outside of that realm, yet we still believe in them. It is my contention, and Lao Tzu seems to agree with me (smile) that a deeper intelligence comes out of knowing that you don’t know. See Chapter 71.

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