The Study of Stillness: Part 2

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This is part 2 of a series on Stillness. To read the other parts, please visit our Stillness Page.

This series on stillness is the second series in our Tao Te Ching Exploration Project. Throughout this project, we will be discussing some of the basic principles brought up throughout the Tao Te Ching. The principles we will cover are Awareness, Stillness, Discipline, Humility, Flexibility, Consistency, Connection, Service and Leadership. I am sure that there are many other principles that have been discussed throughout the text, but these are the nine topics that I am choosing to focus on over the next several months.

I relate to each principle by focusing our attention on each of the nine chakras, based on the Q’ero Shamans’ chakra system that is explained in depth in Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s book, Shaman, Healer, Sage. In this system, the chakras extend outside of our human form, which allow us to recognize our greater aspects of being. With nine chakras and nine disciplines, we will end up with 81 essays on living with the Tao in mind throughout every aspect of our being. (Since there are 81 chapters in the Tao Te Ching and nine is a completion number, I felt this was a fitting tribute.)

I hope that you are enjoying the series and will continue to explore with us throughout the rest of the project.



The number two represents duality. If you look at computers, they are built on a series of zeroes and ones. That is all they use to program computers is various combinations of zeroes and ones.  On and off. Yin and yang. Up and down. Light and day. We come from what is prior to that reality of zeroes and ones. The stillness of that is the stillness of space. If you can imagine space and the stillness in that quality. It is about having stillness be something that takes you right to your core.

The Second Chakra: Sex. Money. Creativity. Addictions.

The second chakra is about sex, money, creativity and addictions. How can we access stillness in those parts of our lives? Sex and money are American pastimes. So are addictions, come to think of it. (No pun intended.) These areas of our lives seem far from still, and yet accessing stillness would greatly benefit us.

Sexy Stillness

Let’s look at stillness around sexuality. Having sex vs making love, right? There is a stillness that can be acknowledged when you are with your partner. It doesn’t have to be wild and crazy. Not that wild and crazy are bad, but it doesn’t have to be that. It can be smooth and still. In some tantric practices, you don’t move at all. There’s a depth that can be there with that. It is certainly worth exploring. Now I am not sure if Lao Tzu would have discussed sex in the Tao Te Ching, but certainly the topic of being still applies here.

Quiet Money

How can you be still with money? Keep it simple and don’t spend it. Let your wallet be still and get a little rest. You don’t have to be using it all the time. Let it be. Maybe go on a spending fast.

Addicted to Chaos

Perhaps the most fascinating discovery to me in thinking about this topic was the contrast (think, duality) of addictions to stillness. They seem to be diametrically opposed. If you look at concepts as a vibration, chaos (addictions) would be like scribbling a crayon across a page really fast. Very jaggy. Stillness would be like a straight line. We are afraid of that straight line. That line is like death, like the line that we see at the hospital on the equipment when someone dies.

Addictions are really a fear of death.

A fear of the Void. A fear of really living. Addictions with money and sex are common, probably because they are sitting right in the second chakra along with addictions. We just have to have it, whatever it is. That is the quality of addiction and when the second chakra is out of balance.

The Fuel of Creativity

Creativity is another piece of this second chakra. If you take art, for example, you need some level of stillness in your life in order to access the creativity to do art. Who doesn’t do art? People who are too busy. The fuel for creativity is stillness in the mind. Do you ever get great thoughts in the shower or while you are driving? That is because this may be the only place that your mind has become still enough to create.

A Balanced Second Chakra

When our second chakra is in balance, you can just allow things to be still with a passion that is very much alive. When your money is in balance, you can just leave it be. You don’t want to spend it chaotically. When your lovemaking is in balance, there is a level of stillness that you are able to access with your partner.

Food Addictions are Also Common

With food addictions, you are constantly doing things with food – controlling it in some way. You are anything but still. Practicing stillness around food is like fasting. Just let it become normal and not obsessive. I have been reading The Four Hour Body (HIGHLY recommended – life changer!) and he suggests eating the same meals over and over again. To me, this is a way of being still with your food. I am also (simultaneously) reading The Four Hour Chef and in there, he talks about the flavors of simple foods. To me, this is about stepping into a quieter level with our daily habit of eating. It is a mindfulness that can only be accessed through some level of stillness.

Workaholic, Anyone?

I meet a lot of small business owners. Most of them are workaholics. In issues of workaholism, there is a constant need for movement.  What are you running from? I know that I am guilty of this. That is part of what brought me to this work.


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I just found this great post by a blogger friend of mine that might interest you. It is called 21 Ways to Care for Your Sacral (Second) Chakra. Enjoy!



  1. I’m intrigued by those Four Hour books. I shall have to look those up!
    Arwen recently posted…Sparks, Exhaustion & GoalsMy Profile

    • I am more than intrigued. I am obsessed. After reading The Four Hour Workweek, I was intrigued but sceptical of his approach. I didn’t really like him much. But then I started reading The Four Hour Chef and couldn’t find it on Audible, so I bought it on the kindle and bought his other book, The Four Hour Body, on my Audible. Right now, I am listening to one and reading the other and he is amazing….AMAZING.

  2. Wonderful information! I love what you’ve written here!
    Wendy Flynn recently posted…Planks A Lot!My Profile

    • Thanks, Wendy! It was certainly fun writing it! These posts challenge me sometimes, but they sure are a lot of fun to write and to see what comes out of them!

  3. Guilty on the workaholic front. Funny – I’ve always gotten why I do this – to keep my mind quieter. Guess I better get working on that meditation mastery :-).
    Nanette Levin recently posted…Small business blogging funMy Profile

    • Ha! Me too! Thanks for the beautiful comment on FB too, by the way. I will try and get out there and respond but that was so fun to read. I felt the same way when I was reading it over after writing it. I was thinking that I really loved this one too.

  4. Great article..
    I had a message earlier this year that I was to help people drop into a place of stillness, anytime, anywhere. The information I need is coming and so much of it right now.. and the people to help too!
    I love these observations! So many people tell me they don’t even have time to bath and can only rush a shower.
    Just dropping over from ultimate challenge and look forward to reading more!

  5. A post written just for me Amy. Yikes. Wonderful. Oh boy! lol Stillness I have an incredibly hard time with that. And this year being in a personal year 7 in numerology is all about stillness and going within. I’m saying a prayer as I’m writing this, I need all the help I can get. lol That explains why I’m craving creativity in my life, yet I’m terrified of knowing that I am going to be creating more with Flora Bowley’s intuitive painting class at the end of this month. I love how you connect the chakras to certain aspects of our lives. That is bang on and so true. For me fear of the void, having nothing to do or even less to do terrifies me. I’m not used to going there and being in the void. I’ve spent all of my adult life at least that I know of, overwhelming myself with so much to do and now I see myself having to learn that lesson this year and changing that. Thank you for writing this very informative and enlightening post. xo
    Suzanne McRae recently posted…Remembering… Ice Storm of 1998My Profile

    • Agreed, Suzanne. I just recently started doing hot yoga and am in love with it. LOVE IT. I think one of the things that I really love about it is that it is a scheduled time for me to be present with my body. The class is tough, but gentle, just like the Tao. They are teaching me to practice my stillness as well. Good luck with that painting class. Funny enough, I never really thought of it, but this year I have done more art than any other year probably in my entire life and I think it is because of the study of Tao. I am like you in that I am always moving. Although I don’t think of myself as having a fear of death, I must have a fear of stillness because of how much I move and I certainly have addictive qualities (workaholism and eating issues, namely anything chocolate).

      OH! I almost forgot. I love that you are in a 7 year with this. That is so wonderful for stillness. I totally am right with you on that one. I love numerology.

  6. I work in behavioral health. There is a lot of chaos every day. It’s sometimes hard not to bring that energy home with me. I see that perhaps choosing some stillness before leaving the office might allow me to just let it go for the night. Thank you. These areticles are gifts.
    Liz recently posted…Today’s Word for Writers (and everyone else): BackupMy Profile

    • I sometimes will sit in my car for a bit and just be quiet. In transitioning from one space to the next, this has been helpful to me. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Liz!

  7. I love your article on stillness and addictions. When it is still for me, I get bored and then I start to indulge on my addictions. Thanks for the tips. I will certainly takehem into consideration.

    • Yes, this post was one that snuck up on me. I was not thinking, “Oh this will be about addictions and sex and money, but when I started looking deeply at the topic, it was like, OH. Yeah, that… wow. It makes so much sense! I just loved how stillness and chaos played with addictive behavior. That was the wow for me.

  8. Hi Amy, thanks for linking to my post, and it’s so great to reconnect to you here and see what you are doing. I love this post and what I was able to peruse of your blog this visit! – Lisa
    Lisa recently posted…2013, Year of the {You Fill In!} – BOOK GIVEAWAYMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, someone commented on that post and I had been subscribed to the comment RSS. So I thought it was very timely and I went over there to take a look at it (from 2009!) Very relevant to what we are doing now! How fun.

  9. I never thought of addiction as a fear of death. I never would have put these two things together. I guess the addiction is what gives the addicted life. Interesting concepts here, thank you for broaden my perception of stillness and its many applications.

    • Yes, I had never really thought of it until I wrote it. When I wrote the words, it made TOTAL sense! Of course! Addiction is the need to always be moving, always running from something. What are we ultimately running from? You could just as easily say either LIFE or DEATH. Both are the same. Both can be scary if you are not ready to face them.

  10. Hi there! I’m way behind in the UBC and working on getting caught up! I posted in the thread for the day and your post was above mine.

    This was an interesting post. I can definitely relate to the idea of the need for more stillness. I often work with music playing in the background – but sometimes I choose to work in silence, and often find I’m more productive.

    I also need to get back to the stillness of creativity – I enjoy the stillness and therapeutic value of doing my quilting and crafting, so I really need to get back to that.

    Thank you for a thought-provoking post!
    K’Lee Banks recently posted…Facing Fears-Focusing Forward-Part 9 of 9My Profile

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