The Study of Stillness: Part 3



This is part 3 of a series on Stillness. To read the other parts, please visit our Stillness Page.

This series on stillness is the second series in our Tao Te Ching Exploration Project. Throughout this project, we will be discussing some of the basic principles brought up throughout the Tao Te Ching. The principles we will cover are Awareness, Stillness, Discipline, Humility, Flexibility, Consistency, Connection, Service and Leadership. I am sure that there are many other principles that have been discussed throughout the text, but these are the nine topics that I am choosing to focus on over the next several months.

I relate to each principle by focusing our attention on each of the nine chakras, based on the Q’ero Shamans’ chakra system that is explained in depth in Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s book, Shaman, Healer, Sage. In this system, the chakras extend outside of our human form, which allow us to recognize our greater aspects of being. With nine chakras and nine disciplines, we will end up with 81 essays on living with the Tao in mind throughout every aspect of our being. (Since there are 81 chapters in the Tao Te Ching and nine is a completion number, I felt this was a fitting tribute.)

I hope that you are enjoying the series and will continue to explore with us throughout the rest of the project.



The Power Chakra: Stillness and power.

How do these relate to one another? A mountain is powerful and still. There is power in stillness. It is in the chaos that we lose our power. Let’s look at stillness in terms of personal power. Someone who is not very confident in something tends to waffle. They are not still in their beliefs.  A belief becomes still when you are confident about it. When things are not right, you feel unsettled. Every day, there are clues all around you as to where you stand. Just notice where you are still.

This third chakra has been connected to the teenage years.

As a mother of an eleven year old girl heading into her teens, I am very aware of this phase of life. This is the time when you are breaking away from the parental attachments and getting more into the attachment to friends and stepping into your personal power. Teenage friends can be great teachers of personal power, as they will quickly identify who has it and who does not. Much of this  confidence comes down to how easily you bend to the wishes of others. The ones who are confident and still in their own power just move through life going their own way or rebelling. There are two ways to “go your own way”. One way, you go your own way in a rebellious uncaring way.  Another way, you are caring yet indifferent to the needs of others for you to be a certain way. Read those two sentences again and test it out energetically in your body. The first way, the FU way, is harsh and suggests a lack of confidence. It is perhaps better than a mushy-walk-all-over-me stance, but still weak. The second way is immovable. It is practicing stillness.

Personal power is best when it is directed towards good.

Much like money, if you are able to achieve a powerful place in life, you have a responsibility with it. Where are you directing your personal power? Chances are, most of you who regularly read my blog would be more inclined to use it for good because that is in alignment with my stance.

What are you going to do with your personal power this year?

In these first few days of the year, we are often focused on what we are going to make this next year represent for us. Thinking about how you are going to use your personal power can ironically grow your sense of personal power just by considering it. It is self-generating. Take a look at where you would like to use your personal power this year and observe yourself as you speak and think about this idea throughout the next few weeks. I think you will surprise yourself.


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  1. Sometimes I think folks hear the term “personal power” and confuse it with the idea of power over someone. This was a lovely post, Amy.
    Arwen recently posted…Right, Wrong + PerspectiveMy Profile

  2. Amy, already this new year I am sensing myself becoming quiet and more still whether I am following my 7 personal year in numerology or not. I just feel it and it’s intense and wants me to listen and I am. I totally agree that we lose our personal power when we are in chaos and too busy. I intend to reclaim a lot of my personal power this year by being just that in stillness. Thank you… beautifully written and perfect for me once again. xo
    Suzanne McRae recently posted…Nominated with a few Awards recentlyMy Profile

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  4. It’s nearly impossible to find educated people in this particular topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!
    nedves punci recently posted…nedves punciMy Profile

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