#WhatAreYouWorkingOn – No. 5

Welcome! This is part of my weekly (Friday) series called “What are You Working On?”!

You can find out more about this challenge here or if you are interested in joining us, you can share photos with us on Instagram (#whatareyouworkingon) or join our Tao Te Ching Daily FB group for future prompts to remind you to share your week with us! Add your post to the Mr. Linky section at the bottom of this post if you want to add a link to your blog. Please be sure and check back and COMMENT on others in the challenge! 

Each week, I will offer a list of categories and what I am working on in each category. Other participants may have different categories to describe their own interests and projects. I hope you will join us!

What am I working on? Here are some things…


OK, nobody officially said this but my #whatareyouworkingon posts are just wayyyyy too long. So I will attempt to make them shorter for you this week. More photos, less talk. This week’s art was knitting some bird nests. I made two this week to be sent to the Wild Care Bird Nest program. If  you are not a knitter, you can donate to help the baby birds as well. It was fun to make these nests and imagine the tiny birds being helped by them! This program is to create artificial nests for orphaned birds that are being nursed back to health at a bird hospital.

Here are some photos I took of the little lovelies… (with some of my bird sculptures volunteering to model!)…







My birds were a bit camera shy, but they eventually got comfortable and even got a bit silly for that last shot!

I still need to make more gifts for my Pay It Forward Art Project. I haven’t forgotten! These last few weeks have felt a bit sloggy and I haven’t done much art. I am going to try and send out at least my first one VERY SOON! Once I know they are received, I will post photos.



Last weekend FLEW by and I was like, “Waitaminute!!” I did not get to my kitchen! Sigh. I’m working on a super secret project which I can’t tell you about yet, which fully distracted me. I did clean the tub, though, which badly needed it. That was about it on my home last weekend. It is Friday as I write this so today my plan is to work on my kitchen this afternoon! WITH PHOTOS!

For our SoulSpace Facebook group, we have been working on our clothes, shoes, coats, etc. All of this has spurred in me a renewed interest in what I am wearing on a daily basis.

Last week, I went through my shoes. I am happy to report that there was only one pair that I ended up getting rid of. Then, this morning I went through my clothes, coats and handbags. It was not an inspiring exercise for me. As I looked through all my stuff, I wondered if I just didn’t love clothes? It’s not like I haven’t been trying. I’ve been building a board on Pinterest called My Ideal Wardrobe. I’ve been shopping. My sister thinks it may just be that I am going through a phase where I am changing who I am. She could be right. I like to think that I am morphing into my coolest self and I just haven’t quite arrived yet. We shall see…


This week, I won’t talk about my Spanish or my cooking lessons because those have taken a back seat. This was a rest week for me, so I spent some time online. Here are some of the great discoveries I made this week in my online adventures…

Louis Weltzer. One of my favorite online jaunts this week was to the blog of a friend of mine, Louis Weltzer. If that name sounds familiar to you, it is because Louis is the guy that went through the entire Tao Tuesdays series with me! In this post, he was writing about the concept of evil. Louis has one of the most amazing minds I know. We got into quite an interesting debate on how to approach evil.

Jessica Brogan. I met a new blogger this week through our Inspired Blogging group on FB. Her name is Jessica Brogan and she is an artist. I like her. She’s a bit rough around the edges but she’s vulnerable too. Her writing is fresh and raw.

Sarah Fought. I suppose this link should be best put under the HOME category because it is about our dear Tidy Lady, Marie Kondo. This post is a personal account of Sarah’s experience with the Tidy Lady’s teachings and it is SO GOOD. She got me unstuck.



The Conscious Parent. Today is the first day of our Conscious Living Book Club! This is the book that we are studying this month (May 2015) and I will be posting about it more during the month of May, so I won’t say a lot about it here except to say that part of my spiritual practice this week continues to be working on my awareness as a parent. I tested out one of the exercises on my daughter. If she knew that, she would not want to do it again with me, but I was sneaky and didn’t tell her! Heehee. It’s all good. If you want to know which exercise I did with her, you should join our group! I will post it in there during our book study.

The Untethered Soul. I started reading the book that we will be covering in next month’s Conscious Living Book Club group. I read part of it a few months ago and knew that it would be the perfect book for us to study together. I like to read the book before we study it so that I can prepare the exercises and posts ahead of time and spend my time during the study on the group and the participation. This book challenges us to take the “seat of our observing self”. Not sure if that is exactly what he calls it, but we are practicing being the observer of our mind. My mind is a super busy, crazy mind, so this is all good.

VB6. My husband is a meat and potatoes guy. I used to eat mostly vegan but once we started our “less than 10 grams of sugar” diet, it was tough to maintain both so I gave it up for a while. But since finding this book, I am considering doing this. I am finding the transition from “no added sugar” to “no meat/cheese/animal products before dinner” to be a challenging one, for some reason. Like this morning, for example. I was at Caribou and I remembered to ask for no cream in my coffee but I totally spaced the fact that my spinach swiss mini (the only low sugar thing on their menu) actually has CHEESE in it and I ordered one. Oh well. I will keep working on it.



I may have mentioned last week that I started a new challenge with a friend of mine to help us stay motivated to exercise regularly. The challenge is that we will text each other every day to report how many days we’ve exercised. For example, yesterday my text was “6 – walked to work”. Whoever gets to 30 days first gets to be treated to dinner out by the other one. So far, I’ve only missed two days and Ashley only missed one. I must admit, it does motivate me! Not that I would mind buying dinner for a dear friend who has taken on such a challenge, but it’s a fun way to play with it.

Tomorrow, I am doing a color run. I’ve never done one before. To be fair, I should call it a “color walk” because I have no intention of running but still. It’s 3 miles. And it raises money for technology in our school so I am happy to do it.


Well, like I said, I am going to try and keep this short so that’s it for today. I hope that you will join us in creating your OWN #whatareyouworkingon post or by taking some photos of your projects and posting them on Facebook or Instagram with the #whatareyouworkingon hashtag! It is FUN!

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  1. Amy, I love your bird’s nests! Years ago, we rescued a baby bird, which our daughter named Sallerina. We brought it to a vet or rescue place, but I don’t think Sallerina had a very long life. I am a little overwhelmed by all you are working on, but I admit it is similar to my life. I am eating paleo and trying new recipes to support that . . . and starting an etsy store . . . and working away in my art studio . . . etc. Happy days!
    Janet recently posted…I Have a DreamMy Profile

  2. Those bird nests are darling. I had no idea that birds needed help that way.
    Linda Watson recently posted…A Map of I AM Has ArrivedMy Profile

  3. i just love the birds nests – what a great way to utilize your talents! Good luck with your change of diet – that will take some time I’m sure, so don’t beat yourself up! I’ve been eating less and less meat, I no longer miss pork or red meat!
    Vickie Martin Conison recently posted…LISTEN YOUR WAY TO CREATIVITYMy Profile

  4. I LOVE this idea… I’m a list maker by heart. I love lists, and this is such a great way to wrap all of your activities into one space! The birds nests are also calling me as potential jewelry holders?!
    Jessica recently posted…My guiding values. A manifesto, of sorts.My Profile

  5. What fun nests and adorable models! I’m such a novice (and terrible!) knitter that I’m not up to making any, but I’ve passed on the project info to everyone I can think of. It delights my heart so.

    I love that you’re doing a color walk. You must post pictures. I tried to sign up for one here a couple years ago when I first heard about them and the registration maxed out within hours. Gotta love that so many folks love love love color.

    Wishing you a wonderful week Amy, and look forward to the next peek.
    Deborah Weber recently posted…Spring May FlowersMy Profile

  6. Amy, those bird nests are absolutely adorable. Love that you have met blogger Jessica Brogan. She’s a lovely young woman. Your Bookclub is going to prove to be awesome, especially with two very good books you have chosen. Looking forward to doing both of them. Fun motivator for you to exercise and getting fit. Good for you!!
    Suzanne McRae recently posted…Mayday, Beltane and Life…My Profile

  7. I love those birds in their nests 🙂 It almost looks like they’re saying “Ok, Mom, I’ll do it, sigh”. I added my link too
    Linda Ursin recently posted…I’m not perfect, I get blocked tooMy Profile

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  9. Amy I am going over to see your pinterest board. I have an ideal wardrobe board too. One step at a time to actually owning the pieces ($$) but I think our wardrobe is a HUGE step in being authentic.

    By curiosity, what did you mean by “rough around the edges” that made me chuckle!

    Jessica recently posted…My guiding values. A manifesto, of sorts.My Profile

  10. Well, I’m a few days late, Amy. But I finally compiled my #WhatAreYouWorkingOn. Hopefully in weeks to come, I’ll be able to have it ready by Friday. You were quite the inspiration this week. I am just blown away that you have time to create those little bird’s nests on top of everything else you do. How adorable!

    And, now I have to go rummage in my storage for the book. I already own it, but I do not own enough bookshelves to have all my books at my finger tips. I have to trade them out periodically, and The Conscious Parent is not inside right now. You sure keep me running.

    Liesl Garner recently posted…Plotting my Areas of GrowthMy Profile

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