Accessing Your Creative Power


Creative power.

There’s a yin quality that underlies everything that exists. In Chapter 5 of the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu references this quality as everything that is hidden inside form.  The form is empty. The form is the yang aspect of creation, manifestation.

In Chapter 1, it reads:

When you are free of desire, you will understand the Essence of your life.
When you identify with your desires, you will observe the manifestations of your life. 

The yin power of the creative aspect seems to be nothing. It eludes us whenever we try and capture it.

It is the anticipation of things.

When it comes to creativity, we are forever searching for this aspect of ourselves, this yin quality that is the place of not there yet, the place of manifestation created before it’s created. Julia Cameron discusses this in The Artist’s Way, a great guidebook for exploring your artistic self. She talks about our connection to our creativity as being the connection to Source, to Tao. (She does not reference Tao, that was me. But in essence, that is what you can call it.) The creative power, creative genius.

Creativity nourishes us.

It is our passageway. So we have this constant yin and yang in our lives of creating and manifesting, then creating and manifesting again. A forever loop, a natural cycle. Some of us are stuck in creating and not manifesting and some of us are stuck in manifesting but not taking time to create. In any moment, we are stuck and in every moment we are free.

We have both the manifested and the UNmanifested available to us as one cannot exist without the other.

“When you focus on your desires, you will observe the manifestations of your life.” This is the yang. It is already in form. We have created it. Done.

But it is empty.  Where is the essence? It is in the creation process, not in the creative result.

“When you are free from desires…”,  you will find the Tao. The Tao is that creative source that you can’t identify, you can’t put a finger on it and say this is it. It is not meant to have a finger on it, because as soon as you have done that it becomes manifested and it is only just a shell. As soon as you desire it, you are no longer with it and it dissolves like the wind.


Hello. I write to you, and you can comment back to me. I would love to know what your thoughts are. Do you see this manifestation/creation challenge? How does it show up in your life? Please respond in the comments below.


  1. Is it too much for me to say, I want this… “When you are free from desires…”, you will find the Tao.” I found myself extremely peaceful imagining myself already there. Happy Weekend!
    Suzanne McRae recently posted…Where are you?My Profile

  2. Yes, life is a process, as the universe is a process: “things” are actually verbs. “A rock” is actually “the universe rockING…”

  3. I can hardly wait to hear about your trip! We are going to Alaska soon… also far away and totally different!
    I am reading Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Mapping materials and learning that all our lives would be so much fuller if we start by asking ourselves how we want to FEEL, and then planning our actions. It starts with that yearning for (for me) calm. Then I can decide NOT to go to Costco today. Lol.
    Naomi recently posted…Self-empathy as a practiceMy Profile

  4. Amy,
    so good to hear from you. I can totally relate to the creative process here and desire. This was so enlightening but I can see that this is a life long process to strive for. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for stopping by, Sue. The creative process is so important. One thing fun about art is that it is NOT about the end result. It is more about enjoying the process.

    • So Sue, what’s been happening? I stopped by your blog but it looks like you are taking a breather from blogging? Got any new exciting projects?

  5. This is deep stuff!!! Wow.
    We have both the manifested and the UNmanifested available to us as one cannot exist without the other.

    “When you focus on your desires, you will observe the manifestations of your life.” This is the yang. It is already in form. We have created it. Done.

    Wild to think we must exist in the silence of nothing to even appreciate, anticipate or create wanting of the manifestations. Manifestations are thought realized but we must sit in no-thing state to even begin to contemplate what is that which we are wanting.

    Love it.

    • Everything is in cycles. The yin creates the yang and the yang dissolves back into yin. I have certainly been experiencing some yin in my manifestations of blog posts! lol. I have been writing this blog for about a year and a half now. My energy for blogging goes in cycles and I just need to respect the cycles. Creation cannot be forced to produce, produce, produce. This is unnatural. We must allow this yin space to recharge and renew ourselves. Thanks for stopping by, Liz!

  6. This is so beautifully written. Very peaceful to read. I actually read it a few times, just so I could “be” with it all. Thank you!
    Michele Bergh recently posted…Journey Back to Yoga…It’s What I NeedMy Profile

  7. As an artist I find my best work happens when I let go of my desire to ‘make’ something happen on the canvas to just ‘letting’ something happen on the canvas. That’s when the creative magic truly happens.
    Susan recently posted…Me and MyMy Profile

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